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Another Nice Swarm

Posted by Administrator on 6/4/2011 to Bees
This swarm was about 20 feet off the ground on the end of a Maple branch.  Glenn goes up the ladder and trims off the branch to bring them down to their new hive.

Glenn is reaching out to trim the branch a little bit closer to the swarm. 

The final cut of the branch.

Finally he has them and walks the branch down the ladder with him - can you see the bees buzzing around?

He had this huge ladder extended as high as it could go to get this swarm.

He will trim off the little side branches and lower the bees, branch and all into the hive.  He will remove the branch after he moves the swarm tomorrow morning to their new location.  The bees took to this hive right away - this entire process only took about 20 minutes. 

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