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Comb Honey 2011

Posted by Administrator on 7/24/2011
Glenn spoke with other beekeepers in OH and surrounding states and most are in the same situation.  We're all waiting for the comb honey to finish off!  Always a crazy time of year as comb honey and clover honey will be coming off the hives.  Wildflower and goldenrod honey will be later Fall so hoping for a great crop later this year. 

So far, everything has been delayed and many hives simply won't have extra honey for us to take off of them unless the nectar flow really kicks in.  It is possible as bees can fill a hive body in a week if the nectar is flowing.  This has been a crazy year as some hives are going crazy and others are producing nothing.  Glenn just replaced some queens in some of the hives that are struggling this year.  
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