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Honey Variety Pack

Posted by eBee on 9/5/2016 to Honey Varieties

Locust Honey

Posted by eBee on 7/21/2016 to Honey Varieties
Locust Honey with Apple and Cherry Blossom now available!

Comb Honey 2016

Posted by eBee on 7/21/2016 to Raw Honey
Comb Honey and Chunk Honey should be ready in about 1 week!

Comb Honey for 2015

Posted by eBee on 10/7/2015 to Honey Varieties
Comb Honey for 2015 - three varieties to choose from:  Clover, Star Thistle, and Wildflower.  We have no idea how long we will have comb honey. It comes off the hives in late summer so when we run out we won't have any more until the next season. 

2015 Orange Blossom Honey is Ready!

Posted by eBee on 6/12/2015 to Honey Varieties
2015 Orange Blossom Honey is Ready!
2015 Orange Blossom honey off the hives and ready on our website!


Clover Honey 2014

Posted by eBeeHoney on 7/25/2014 to Honey Varieties
Clover Honey Ready

Great article on store bought honey! Must read article!

Posted by eBeeHoney on 3/9/2014 to News

Food Policy & Law
Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey
Ultra-filtering Removes Pollen, Hides Honey Origins

Star Thistle Honey

Posted by eBeeHoney on 5/9/2012 to Honey Varieties
Star Thistle Honey now Available

Honey Varieties and when they come off the hives

Posted by eBeeHoney on 4/3/2012 to Honey Varieties
When do varieties of honey come off the hives.
Click "Read More" to see info.

Raw Honey Pack in small sampler size

Posted by eBeeHoney on 3/31/2012 to New Items
Get raw honey in small sampler pack

Wildflower Honey 2011

Posted by eBeeHoney on 10/23/2011 to Honey Varieties
Wildflower Honey is now off completely off the hives

Clover Honey taken off the hives

Posted by eBeeHoney on 8/17/2011 to Honey Varieties
Glenn has taken off some of the clover honey for 2011
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