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Honey Stick Container - Holds 100 Sticks
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Honey Stick Container - Holds 100 Sticks
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Honey Stix Container - Not Labeled and Empty.

This allows you to label it as you wish - holds 100 Honey Stix - Straws!
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Product Description
The containers are made of a nice clear plastic and will not shatter. They have a wide mouth opening for easy access to the straws. The lids are easy twist on lids.

Containers measure with Lid: 3.25" x 3.25" x 7". The honey straws are 6.5" tall and fit these containers perfectly. Each container will hold 100 straws nicely.

These containers are unlabeled so you can label them how you wish! They will fit on counters nicely or set up easily for markets.
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Customer Reviews
100% satisfied
  The honey stix container was the perfect size for the honey stix i bought. Ill definitly order from here again! And it was sent to me with such care, everything was completely bubble wrapped and i got it sent to me very quickly. Im very satisfied!
  Reviewed by:  Jenny from Pennsylvania. on 9/12/2015
  I bought 2 of these containers to hold my honey stix. They fit 110 - 120 stix each (without the plastic baggies) For some reason, buying these separate from the honey stix w/container is cheaper so I recommend buying the stix and containers separately.
  Reviewed by:  Deniece from Virginia Beach, VA. on 8/1/2015
Honey Stick Container
  Perfect size for holding the honey stixs that I purchased. It sits nicely on my kitchen counter.
  Reviewed by:  Laurel from Hinckley, OH. on 2/19/2015
Must have if you order the honey sticks
  The container is plastic. The honey sticks fit perfectly inside. I think they keep the sticks from being damaged & probably keep them fresh just that little bit longer. Good buy.
  Reviewed by:  Elisa from Florida. on 8/23/2014
Honey Stick container
  I purchased this along with the 100 honey stix assortment. If I put all 10 packs in it while they are still in their own 10 pack plastic sheaths, they are a bit of a tight fit, although I believe if I took them out of the sheaths they would fit nicely. I wanted this so I could keep my personal mix of honey stix nice and neat while they were slowly consumed for my family. I left the stix in their separate packs so I would know what flavor I was getting when I ate one. It does the job and as time goes by the tightness of the fit is disappearing.
  Reviewed by:  Sharon C. from Pennsylvania. on 4/28/2014
  Definitely worth the purchase. It keeps all of my stix organized in my pantry. So great in fact I bought another.
  Reviewed by:  Brittany from Lewistown, PA. on 2/2/2014
Perfect for holding my honey stix!
  Container holds a large variety of the honey stix. I like that it's clear so I can see where my stash is at. Lid is easy to remove. Perfect addition to the honey stix.
  Reviewed by:  Vanessa from Woodhaven, MI. on 9/15/2013
Works perfectly
  This is the perfect size for the honey sticks we got for the office.
  Reviewed by:  Mandi McCullough from 1525 Corporate Woods Parkway Uniontown, OH. on 5/29/2013
Home maker
  These containers are perfect for loose honey sticks, that way it fits the 100 sticks perfectly. While in their separate bags, with labels of what ones are what flavors, it fits about half that, which isn't bad either!
  Reviewed by:  Crystal Kelly from Inverness Florida. on 3/22/2013


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