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Imported Honey = Recent Indictment

Posted by Administrator on 1/7/2012 to News
Imported Honey and Indictments - this is a .pdf article.  U.S. is finally cracking down on folks importing who knows what into the U.S. and calling it honey.  Ever wonder why you can buy "so called honey" so cheap in your local grocery store?  Customers will now and then say to us we can go to "***Mart" and buy honey for such and such price, we tell them go ahead - we are not competing against whatever they are buying in the bottle labeled "honey" in the grocery store.  This article sheds a little light on why. 

Also another reason why honey has headed higher in price the past couple of years - short crops around the U.S. and imported stuff being taken out of the equation.     

This comes from the American Bee Journal Jan. 2012

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