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Our Raw Honey

Posted by eBeeHoney on 4/1/2011 to Raw Honey

We get lots of question about raw honey and how can honey be raw if it is still liquid and not crystallized?

OK - let's start with honey in the hive. Honey in the hive is liquid, enclosed with the comb honey that the bees have produced.

Here's what the frame of honey looks like when you remove it from the hive.

When we remove a frame of honey, we have to scrap off one side of the wax

and then we place these frames into a large spinning tank. Sort of like a centrifuge which removes the honey.

The honey is bottled from the bottom of this tank which has an opening to place our 5 gallon buckets under.

This is how honey comes off our hives - no heating is done anywhere in the process. Once Glenn removes the supers (frames) from the hives, he spins it within the day as the honey is nice and warm from being in the hive. Bees maintain their hives around 95 degrees year round which also keep the honey in a liquid state.
Crystallized honey is formed over time. No honey comes off the hive in a crystallized state. Some customers believe that honey that has been heated is liquid and raw honey is crystallized. This simply is wrong as all honey coming off the hives is liquid. Our raw honey is honey that is coming from the honey extractor. Honey that is heated we use for honey favors and also for many folks who don't like raw honey.

Heated honey won't crystallize as quickly and some customers simply like the taste of good honey and don't want any type of debris (pollen, propolis, beeswax) in their honey.

So if you see crystallized honey, it does not mean it is raw as it could be heated honey that has simply crstallized. Ask the beekeeper how they extract, etc. There is no real definition of raw honey and some beekeepers will heat their honey I'm assuming to make it easier for them to bottle? We don't consider honey that has been heated to any degree to be raw. We consider raw honey to be honey that has never been heated at all!
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