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6 oz. Variety Pack - Get 7 Raw Honey Varieties
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6 oz. Variety Pack - Get 7 Raw Honey Varieties
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Raw Honey Variety Pack

Get a 6 oz. jar of each of the following honey varieties:

Raw Bamboo
Raw Buckwheat
Raw Clover
Raw Goldenrod
Raw Orange Blossom
Raw Star Thistle
Raw Wildflower.

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Product Description

Get 7 jars of raw honey in 6 oz. jars!

You'll get:

Raw Bamboo Honey in a 6 oz. jar
Raw Buckwheat Honey in a 6 oz. jar
Raw Clover Honey in a 6 oz. jar
Raw Goldenrod Honey in a 6 oz. jar
Raw Orange Blossom Honey in a 6 oz. jar
Raw Star Thistle Honey in a 6 oz. jar
Raw Wildflower Honey in a 6 oz. jar

See our honey description page
for more information on the honey varieties.

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Customer Reviews
Honey Sampling made easy
  This was a excellent cost effective way of trying out all the different varieties of honey you sell. Thank you! My family and I really enjoyed tasting and finding our favorites.
  Reviewed by:  Marilyn from Bronville. on 1/12/2016
  Superb collection. My first introductions to Star Thistle and Bamboo ... absolutely delightful!!! Highly recommend for a family variety pack or a gift that will be remembered by anyone who appreciates raw, really excellent honey.
  Reviewed by:  Robin E. from Troy. on 12/1/2015
  Simply couldn'd be happier with this honey variety pack. An awesome value for the quality and quantity. As amature beekepers, we wanted to expand our palates. This sampler was perfect! Staff were helpful and super friendly. The shipment arrived expedetiously. What a woderful way to taste such a variety of honey!!
  Reviewed by:  James L. from Stokes, NC. on 10/11/2015
  Nice selection of different honeys. We are actually going to use them to allow students to conduct a taste test of differing types. Should be a lot of fun. A nice and easy way to obtain such a great selection.
  Reviewed by:  Rich from Pullman WA. on 9/17/2015
Highly recommend
  I highly recommend this variety pack to anyone curious about different varieties in the flavors of honey. I have found some new favorites and some not so favorites. Wither way, a great purchase.
  Reviewed by:  Ava from New York. on 9/15/2015
Variety pack
  The honey selection was amazing and a perfect giveaway gift for a afternoon tea party! All the girls loved! The shipping was very fast. Will buy more from ebeehoney.com in the future!
  Reviewed by:  Camellia from Seattle . on 9/11/2015
  When placing my order I was told to try the variety pack and am I glad I did I found several new loves in the world of honey again thanks e-bee for everything
  Reviewed by:  J MOORE from LOUISVILLE KY. on 9/10/2015
Awesome way to sample all the amazing flavored honies.
  I wasn't familiar with a lot of the different flavors of honey, this is the best way to sample all the flavors.
  Reviewed by:  Jake from Illinois . on 8/16/2015
  All these honeys are great I love the ideal of getting raw natural honey I love all the flavors especially the bamboo and buckwheat! ! Health is very important to me, and this is healthy eating at its best!
  Reviewed by:  Teri C. from rock hill. on 7/30/2015
Great products
  I've been buying their royal jelly and this is time to try their raw honey. The shipment came soon and with appropriate packing. The honey taste great, so far tried Buckwheat and clover, both are so good. Looking forward to tasting the rest and make up my mind to order my favorite. Will be a tough one. :)
  Reviewed by:  Sophie from Cincinnati. on 7/11/2015
Corp sec'y
  Enjoying the honey very much. The bamboo honey is very nice.
  Reviewed by:  Gil and Lori from Wisconsin. on 6/2/2015
  tried the variety pack...loved all of them...shipping was fast...ordering more..
  Reviewed by:  deb from lima ohio. on 4/22/2015
Great Find!
  They're webpage, while attractive and very informative, doesn't do these honeys justice. Each honey is wonderfully (and pretty darned accurately) described with it's own paragraph, but once I tasted the actual honey I found an unexpected "emotional" side to its characteristic. These honeys, especially the orange blossom for me, bring back memories of childhood when I didn't worry about using artificial sweeteners because they're faster or less caloric. Using honey has helped me lose 22 lbs. in the last 3 weeks! If you're asking, and reading this review constitutes justification of that assumption, not buying this honey variety pack is depriving yourself of a very special treat.
  Reviewed by:  Tim Barter Sr. from Dover, NH. on 3/14/2015
Great assortment!
  The is a wonderful way to try an assortment of their honeys to see which to order in bulk. Highly recommended, each with its own succulent taste
  Reviewed by:  Garrett H. from North Carolina, usa . on 2/21/2015
  The best honey I have ever had. Will order again, real soon.
  Reviewed by:  Bonnie from pennsylvania. on 2/2/2015
  I'd recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried a variety of honeys, and ask them to read the descriptions so they're prepared for the different flavors they'll be treated to. Raw honey is the best, and these are all special.
  Reviewed by:  Monica from Chesterfield, MO 63017. on 12/20/2014
Honey enthusiast
  I ordered this variety pack for my parents for a gift but it looked so yummy that my husband and I tried a couple ahead of time. The goldenrod honey spread on a warm biscuit is divine! The star thistle has a warm flavor kind of like creme brulee.
  Reviewed by:  Natalie R. from Florida. on 11/25/2014
nice pack
  Great value. It's great to try all the different flavors out there. I didn't prefer some as they were crystallized but I really like the orange blossom, wildflower, clover, and the buckwheat. I decided to add the ones that are crystallized to my coffee.
  Reviewed by:  Shawn from SE OHIO. on 9/30/2014
Excellent Product
  This variety pack is fantastic! My family and I love sampling the different varieties of honey. Will definitely be ordering our favorites again. Thanks for an amazing product & super fast shipping.
  Reviewed by:  Pamela from new york. on 9/16/2014
Great variety in small sizes
  In the late 70's I discovered the many different varieties/flavors of honey. This sampler has some of my favorites, actually they are all favorites! The package arrived in great shape and timely. This is 2nd time used this company and pleased.
  Reviewed by:  Larry L. from OH. on 9/6/2014
Trial of the raw honey variety pack
  I really liked being able to try all the different varieties of honey before making a purchase of larger quantities. I never knew there were so many different kinds of honey. There is a variation in taste, so this helped me decide on my favorites to purchase more of.
  Reviewed by:  Valerie from Ohio. on 8/25/2014
  I ordered these honeys for favors for my daughter's wedding. THey were so good that we ordered another set so we could have one of each for ourselves. I love the taste and quality of the honey. It is excellent!
  Reviewed by:  Sally from Virginia. on 7/8/2014
A Tale of Two Cities
  For anyone who has never had raw honey, or who might not realize how different types of honey can be, I highly recommend this pack, I was surprised at how drastic the different honey flavors were, while all still having a characteristic honey-ness underneath.
  Reviewed by:  Dustin K from Fond du Lac, WI. on 7/4/2014
  great little sampler pack glad I bought 2 for friends n family that wanted to try.
  Reviewed by:  lisa j. from ohio. on 6/3/2014


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