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Types of honeybees

Posted by eBeeHoney on 3/28/2012 to Bees

We use Italian workers and prefer Russian queens.  Russian queens tend to resist mites better.

Golden Italian
• Italian honeybees are light in color except for the much darker queen. These bees are easy to work with and generally are not aggressive bees. Italian honeybees construct honeycomb quickly and keep the honey and comb very clean. These bees are great foragers but are susceptible to disease very easily.

• The Carniolan originates in Slovenia but is popular in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. This honeybee has a gentle disposition and is versatile in colder and wetter climates. The Carniolan honeybee is less susceptible to disease and does a majority of its production in the spring time.

• Caucasian honeybee comes from the high valleys of the Caucasus. These bees have large populations and have calm dispositions. What sets these bees apart are their longer tongue which gives them the ability to reach more pollen. Caucasian bees thrive in cooler weather and when taken off guard sting very easily.

• The Russian honeybee can withstand extreme cold weather and survive and tolerate winter. They tend to be a more aggressive honeybee and picky about harvest locations. While other honeybees create a home for many years in the same location these bees change harvest locations every year, that being said because the hive population is exposed to many different environments the Russian honeybee has built a superior resistance to diseases.
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