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Website Design Feedback

Posted by eBeeHoney on 4/1/2011
I decided to implement our new design which I had in my head over the Winter.  This needed to be done over the past Winter months as once Spring hits, Glenn will be out with the bees more which gives me less time to design our new website. 
I've been learning a new computer language (I like to teach myself which means lots of mistakes along the way, but then I typically remember not to do that again!  Glenn just thinks I'm nuts!  

We want to thank all of you that gave us feedback over the years which has always helped us make our website better and keeps me learning!  Please let us know anything you see that is not correct:  wording, spelling, pricing that doesn't match up, emails that are sent, etc.  This new system has so many features, it's very impressive to work on and after awhile, my brain see things that sometimes are not there? 

I hope everyone really likes our new features as I'm implemnting more and more.  There are so many features and I want to make sure what you see on your end is what we are expecting you to see.

I've tested our new website the past 4 weeks and now the more eyes the better!  Thanks again to all of you and enjoy our new website as I have lots more to add in regards to blog posts on bees, research studies, honey production, and more. Enjoy!
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