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Beeswax 1 lb.
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Beeswax 1 lb.
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Beeswax 1 pound block
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Measures approximately 6.25" x 3.75" x 1.25".

Beeswax in a 1 pound block that has been filtered twice and ready to use in any application where beeswax is needed. Beeswax has a variety of uses including; candles, lotions, soaps, hair products, wood projects, fishing, art, painting, musical instruments, manufacturing, etc. Great beeswax for any use.
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Customer Reviews
Owner of Gmcreations
  This is one of my favorite things to get I use it for our chapsticks and some of our other body products!
  Reviewed by:  Mary from Johnstown,Pa. on 3/10/2015
Smells Great
  Very nice quality beeswax. Smells lovely and worked perfect for my project.
  Reviewed by:  Michelle from Los Angeles. on 2/21/2015
  Great product arrived quickly and worked very well for survival candle and leather conditioner. Will reorder this product again.
  Reviewed by:  JoshuaB from Heath Ohio. on 2/3/2015
  Very good quality beeswax that works wonderfully in making many beauty products! Not to mention it's an excellent price for one of the few companies that ships so far! Very mild scent that either flows very well with natural products or is very easy to cover up with oils or fragrance. It's a bit difficult to break or grate for smaller batches but maintains a good texture after melting. I will definitely be ordering again.
  Reviewed by:  Shelby M from Anchorage Alaska. on 10/6/2014
  Wonderful wax. good price. great smell, no hidden debris-very well strained and processed. I use it by melting on unused frames to entice my bees to draw their comb out much faster. Works wonders ;)
  Reviewed by:  SF from SE OHIO. on 9/30/2014
  Love the beeswax....I use it in my herbal salves...it also smells wonderful..thanks for a great product! I recommend your honey and other products as often as I can.
  Reviewed by:  Donnely B. from Lancaster, Ohio. on 7/1/2014
Very satisfied
  Very happy with the product. Beeswax smelled wonderful. Will be using it in a recipe I have for restoring finishes on food grade wood items.
  Reviewed by:  Jan from Edmond, OK. on 4/22/2014
  Nice Bees Wax!! Clean and smells great. I re-load my shotgun shells and load some slugs. I use over shot card instead of a crimp and put just a drop of bees wax to water proof my shells. Works Great!!
  Reviewed by:  Russell from Liberty N.C.. on 3/11/2014
  Your beeswax is just what I was looking for. I look forward to buying from you for a long time. Michael RHR. Thank You
  Reviewed by:  Michael from Florida. on 1/16/2014
Makes great salves
  The beeswax arrived quickly. We use it to make muscle and insect repellent salves, and it works great for both. It also helps extend the shelf life of these salves. We will definitely be reordering from ebeehoney again.
  Reviewed by:  Irene from Waterloo, IA. on 9/30/2013
Makes great candles
  Arrived quickly. Works great in candle making and the smell is heavenly.
  Reviewed by:  Sandra from Texas. on 9/28/2013
Natural Medicine Practitioner
  Product exceeded my expectations. Quick Delivery and worked perfect for making salves. Tops my list for bee product supplies.
  Reviewed by:  Joe guthrie from kentwood, LA. on 7/29/2013
Fun purchase
  Came fast and smelled heavenly! Is as advertised. Can't wait to use it for my balms and other craft projects!
  Reviewed by:  Mary from Southern USA. on 6/14/2013
love it
  It worked great in my homemade chapstick! And it lasts a long time too
  Reviewed by:  ashley carpenter from bryan tx. on 3/30/2013
  Great Value
  Reviewed by:  Courtenay from Louisville, K.Y.. on 3/27/2013
  Great beeswax for making my lotions and balms
  Reviewed by:  Tammy from MI. on 9/2/2011
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
  The beeswax is of high quality and suited my needs for making a butter for my cutting boards and waterproofing leather. It is most wonderful as an ingredient in museum quality furniture polish.
  Reviewed by:  Gina L. from New Orleans. on 5/2/2011

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