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1 Pound Beeswax - Free Shipping via the Post Office
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1 Pound Beeswax - Free Shipping via the Post Office
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Beeswax in a 1 pound block
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Product Description
Each 1 pound block measures approximately 6.25" x 3.75" x 1.25".

You'll notice that 1, 2, 16 and 23 pound blocks of beeswax includes free shipping - this is for folks that are buying ONLY beeswax and nothing else!

If you are buying additional products, it's less expensive to buy the beeswax that costs $8.50 without free shipping since there will be shipping costs on honey products, etc. 
Beeswax in a 1 pound block that has been filtered twice and ready to use in any application where beeswax is needed. Beeswax has a variety of uses including; candles, lotions, soaps, hair products, wood projects, fishing, art, painting, musical instruments, manufacturing, etc. Great beeswax for any use. This beeswax includes free shipping which helps those folks who are only buying beeswax and nothing else.

This beeswax includes free shipping.  If you are just buying 1 pound of beeswax then it will be less to get the beeswax that includes the free shipping.  If you are buying any other items along with the beeswax, then buy the beeswax that does not include free shipping since you'll have to calculate shipping costs based on all of your items. 
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Customer Reviews
  Arrived on time... great product....
  Reviewed by:  Ben from Gardner, Massachusetts. on 1/27/2016
  I bought the 1 lb block of beeswax to make "spoon butter" to condition my wooden utensils and cutting boards. It smells great and, when melted with mineral oil, it has given new life to all of my wooden kitchen items. Great product.
  Reviewed by:  Debbie from Pennsylvania. on 1/17/2016
  This beeswax was exactly what I needed! The color is true and pure, the smell is so pleasant, and it worked perfectly for my beeswax candles. I highly recommend this beeswax for anyone looking for pure beeswax.
  Reviewed by:  Emily from Lexington, Ohio. on 1/13/2016
Love It
  It worked great for my lip balm. It was a little hard to cut, but it was worth it.
  Reviewed by:  Joselyn from New York. on 1/9/2016
Nice, clean beeswax.
  My main reason for using beeswax is to build Flemish twisted bowstrings, similar to building rope style cordage. I shoot a medieval English style longbow with a linen bowstring. I add a little pine resin to the beeswax to make it more sticky, an some olive oil to soften it slightly. Love the smell and the results.
  Reviewed by:  Ewhen M. from New Haven CT. on 1/2/2016
  Makes wonderful candles!
  Reviewed by:  Julie P. from Bellville, Tx. on 12/22/2015
  very good quality bought to make linwax waterproofer for boots
  Reviewed by:  Andrew from indiana. on 12/18/2015
Just what I was looking for!
  Bought this to make homemade lotions and lip balms. Perfect for just that. Love it! Will be repurchasing when I run out.
  Reviewed by:  Jenn from NYC. on 12/8/2015
Love this wax !
  The block of bees wax I received is wonderful. Exactly what I wanted. I will order this wax again in the future Thanks for making this such a wonderful transaction.
  Reviewed by:  Raynette Boyer from Dayton, PA . on 11/22/2015
Touched by Fire
  The beeswax smells wonderful and arrived quickly and painlessly. I am so pleased to find a reputable source of good beeswax for the lotions I make. Thanks.
  Reviewed by:  Lynne from Crownsvilee, Md. on 10/27/2015
  I am so glad I found your site. I make a natural skin cream and beeswax has such healing properties for the skin. It especially helps my friends son who got badly burned over 1/3 of his body. The beeswax helps put a layer of protection on his skin while he heals. I know your products is pure and natural and I can confidently add it to my product. Thank you so much.
  Reviewed by:  Susan from Summer Shade KY. on 10/13/2015
  Reviewed by:  Michael G. from St, Lehigh Acres, fl . on 9/13/2015
I love this!
  I love the way this makes my house smell! Mixes easily with my sents! I will be coming back here to order more when I need it! Thank you for a great product!!
  Reviewed by:  Megan from Kansas. on 9/13/2015
  This product is completely amazing. It shipped to me faster than anything I've ever purchased online. The price of the beeswax is unbeatable for the quality. As soon as I opened the package the sweet smell just exploded throughout the room. I will definitely be buying from here for now on.
  Reviewed by:  Kelsey from Belvidere, IL. on 8/11/2015
  Product arrived quickly with no problems. Good quality and worked very well for the candles I was making. Goes very far too.
  Reviewed by:  Caroline from New Orleans. on 6/22/2015
  I recently started looking into making my own chapsticks, as my boyfriend and I go through so many! (And so expensive!) I am now addicted to making everything with this beeswax! Next up, paw wax for the pups! Thanks so much, I will be back again & again!
  Reviewed by:  Caitlin from New York. on 6/8/2015
Great product!
  The beeswax smells great and is a very nice, natural yellow color. The price can't be beat, and there's free shipping! It arrived promptly. What's not to like?
  Reviewed by:  Heather B. from South Dakota. on 6/3/2015
  I bought this to make a sealer for a butcher block table. Mixed with mineral oil and heated to melt the wax, it makes a perfect cream that works great. The aroma is also very nice. I can't wait to order some honey! Thank you very much for the promp service, I will be buying again.
  Reviewed by:  Nick from San Antonio. on 5/30/2015
real bee wax
  I was looking for some bee wax so I can make a natural hair style pomade. After reading some bad reviews in Amazon from people that bought what they call bee wax instead they were fake wax with a horrible smell I was afraid to buy there until i found ebeehoney.com bee wax u cant go wrong just by the smell u can tell is real and pure. Im so happy with my order will order again soon. Thank you for your business
  Reviewed by:  Alexander from San Antonio, tx. on 5/23/2015
Smells great and worked perfectly!!!
  I used this beeswax to make some sunscreen. It worked great. I love the way it smells! The shipping was very fast. Thank you for the great product!
  Reviewed by:  Rachel P from Pennsylvania. on 5/11/2015
Awesome Product
  Got my beeswax in quick. Order process was easy to do. I liked it so much that I bought 10 more pounds of it. The scent is great all by itself.
  Reviewed by:  Pete V. from Humble, TX. on 5/5/2015
great scent
  I've purchased from two other online companies and the smell was bad. This beeswax smells sweet. Perfect! Great company.
  Reviewed by:  Erin from Long Beach, CA. on 4/27/2015
Bee's Wax
  Fast shipping, easy ordering, overall a great experience in product and service. The E-Bee Honey website is easy to navigate through too. I will order again in the future....THANKS!!!
  Reviewed by:  Lorina M. from Land O Lakes, FL . on 4/13/2015
  I make a lot of my own cosmetics and therefore use a lot of beeswax. I prefer unprocessed beeswax for its deep honey scent. This beeswax is beautiful, has a rich scent and seems to be very high quality.
  Reviewed by:  Candace from Fergus Falls. on 4/12/2015
  Shipping was super fast, the product is grade A quality. I will only order this wax here at eBeeHoney.com
  Reviewed by:  Danny B. from Gastonia, NC. on 4/7/2015
Excellent Quality Beeswax
  Very fast shipping. Beeswax very pure, and smells like honey. Seller provides excellent communication about products and package tracking info.
  Reviewed by:  Chris from MI. on 4/6/2015
The Bee's Knees!
  Recently I have taken up making many of my own health and beauty products. I have been making my own deodorant, lotion bars, lip/chap sticks and balms/salves. I had several recipes that excluded bees wax and tried using those recipes for a while and while the products technically were functional, they weren't good. They all are prone to melting and just not performing the way that they should. I decided to do some research and try and find a bees wax from a reputable company that had good reviews while still having good prices. ebeehoney.com was one of the companies that came up in my search and when comparing reviews and prices, the bees wax from ebeehoney had the best reviews AND prices. Very often does that happen! My package was shipped for FREE and arrived very quickly! It was packaged nicely and arrived undamaged. This bees wax smells super amazing ( I adore the smell of bees wax! ) and I can tell is a very high quality bees wax. I have used it in several products so far and the quality has greatly increased! It's amazing how much of a difference the bees wax has made! I am so glad that I made the decision to try it out and chose ebeehoney.com as my bees wax supplier and will continue to make all of my bees wax purchases right here...and I might try a little honey while I am at it ;)
  Reviewed by:  Heather G. from Missouri. on 4/5/2015
Love it!!
  I received my order fast! The beeswax made a wonderful addition to my homemade lotion. I also added it to melt and pour goats milk soap. I have dry cracked hands and feet due to eczema and found this addition to my DIY personal care products has helped improve my skin tremendously!
  Reviewed by:  Kendal from Groton, CT. on 3/11/2015
  I was surprised of how fast I received my order. The beeswax is to be used for upholstery and woodworking. Very satisfied with the quality.
  Reviewed by:  Tim from Saltillo, MS. on 3/4/2015
  Arrived quickly, packaged well. It was used to make a lip balm/mustache wax and it's perfect for it. Used about an Oz of it and made enough for 4 or 5 tubes. Would definitely recommend.
  Reviewed by:  Corey D. from Pennsylvania. on 2/23/2015
Speedy service--excellent product
  Ordered for the purpose of waterproofing the inside of handmade wooden succulent planters I made for my daughter and wife. My order arrived very speedily and the product is excellent (smells wonderful, too). I am sure we will find many more uses for our pound of beeswax.
  Reviewed by:  Arthur from Kansas City, MO. on 2/11/2015
  This product shipped very quickly, and arrived within 5 days. I am using the beeswax in a home made wood sealer. The smell is great, and it melts down in solution with ease. I anticipate this is going to be a favorite of mine in no time at all. Thanks a lot folks, David
  Reviewed by:  David from Southwest Missouri. on 2/7/2015
  I was very impressed with the speed of the delivery. I was also impressed with the quality of the product.
  Reviewed by:  Charles G. from Wellington, Ohio. on 2/4/2015
Homemade diaper cream
  I ordered the Beeeswax to use in a homemade diaper cream recipe. The beeeswax shipped promptly and was easy to cut and use. The cream turned out perfectly and I can't wait to put it to use. I'll be looking up other recipes to put the rest of my beeswax to good use!
  Reviewed by:  Karenina from Alabama. on 1/25/2015
business owner
  LOVE LOVE LOVE eBeeHoney beeswax! the natural honey smell is incredible! makes your mouth water just smelling it. I am just starting out and use it in making hard lotion bars and other products..after trying many sellers beeswax I finally found the perfect beeswax here...let business begin!
  Reviewed by:  bonnie j. from Ashfield, MA. on 1/23/2015
  The beeswax shipped literally minutes after I placed the order and arrived in great condition. I used the beeswax to make lotion at home. Highly recommended.
  Reviewed by:  Rachel from Tucson. on 1/2/2015
  Order arrived as fast as our old P.O. could do. I have finished a 3x3 butcher board with great results, (mineral oil and wax emulsion). I have scrubbed the board several times and it still looks fantastic. Good company, great product and a great deal, I will order again.
  Reviewed by:  Gary from Tillamook, Oregon. on 12/31/2014
100% beeswax satisfied
  I love this product, and have confidence that it is not cut with any other waxes. I need to provide my customers with products made from pure products, and this is my answer. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  deila from California. on 12/19/2014
Bees Wax
  Excellent product would recommend for any kind of use you have in mind for it. Best of all the delivery is free and fast.
  Reviewed by:  David R. from 29 West Sidney Avenue #5N, Mount Vernon 10550. on 12/17/2014
  Great product! So far I've used it to make some lip balm, and love it! Can't wait to try it out in other things.
  Reviewed by:  Carrie W from OK. on 12/7/2014
Beeswax Purchase
  Very happy with our first purchase of beeswax. We are making gifts for Christmas and were so surprised by how quickly it arrived giving us plenty of time to make our products. The quality is nice! I would definitely make this purchase again!
  Reviewed by:  Kim A. from New Hampshire. on 12/4/2014
Great Beeswax!
  I bought this beeswax to make candles. It smells amazing and was so easy to use. I'm very happy with my candles and absolutely recommend this product. The shipping was also amazingly fast, which is always a plus.
  Reviewed by:  Stephanie G from Maryland. on 11/28/2014
Great service!
  I ordered my beeswax to use in my wax melter to add a fresh smell to my home. It works and smells great. What is even better is that it is healthy for my family. Thanks for a great value and product.
  Reviewed by:  Debby from Washington. on 11/25/2014
  My pound of beeswax arrived fast and with free shipping! It smells so good! Can't wait to try it in my homemade lip balm:)
  Reviewed by:  Casie from Dayton. on 11/11/2014
Perfect for my needs
  Great natural smell, uniform melting point, and perfect for the Plantago salve I made!
  Reviewed by:  Jacques from Yorktown, VA. on 11/6/2014
Smells Great!
  The beeswax came in quickly and smelled great! It melted evenly and without any particulates or cloudiness. Perfect for making lotion bars!
  Reviewed by:  Rebecca J. from Beavercreek OH. on 11/4/2014
Fast Shipping
  Fast shipping, great product. AAA+ I was going to order some other items, but shipping is to expensive. $6.00 USPS small shipping box should be an option.
  Reviewed by:  Eric from Texas. on 10/30/2014
  Very pleased. Great product and fast, free shipping. Will order again.
  Reviewed by:  Bill from Pittsburgh. on 10/29/2014
  I am honestly really happy with this product and I will be buying more soon. I would like to reccomend ebeehoney for beeswax. I brought a pound and my item was here in a very timely manner. I love the scent of this block.
  Reviewed by:  Amanda from Kentucky. on 10/24/2014
Great product, Great Service
  I ordered this product, and I didn't really know what to expect. Bit said free shipping and I was pretty skeptical. But I ordered the product and later that day I recived an e-mail notifying me that it was ready to ship out! I received the product writhin a few days of ordering! I'm using this priduct to make lip balm to give away at my sister-in-laws baby shower.
  Reviewed by:  Amanda from Albuquerque, NM. on 10/11/2014


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