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1 Pound Beeswax - Free Shipping via the Post Office
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1 Pound Beeswax - Free Shipping via the Post Office
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Beeswax in a 1 pound block
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Product Description
Each 1 pound block measures approximately 6.25" x 3.75" x 1.25".

You'll notice that 1, 2, and 16 pound blocks of beeswax includes free shipping - this is for folks that are buying ONLY beeswax and nothing else!

If you are buying additional products, it's less expensive to buy the beeswax that costs $7.50 without free shipping since there will be shipping costs on honey products, etc. 
Beeswax in a 1 pound block that has been filtered twice and ready to use in any application where beeswax is needed. Beeswax has a variety of uses including; candles, lotions, soaps, hair products, wood projects, fishing, art, painting, musical instruments, manufacturing, etc. Great beeswax for any use. This beeswax includes free shipping which helps those folks who are only buying beeswax and nothing else.

This beeswax includes free shipping.  If you are just buying 1 pound of beeswax then it will be less to get the beeswax that includes the free shipping.  If you are buying any other items along with the beeswax, then buy the beeswax that does not include free shipping since you'll have to calculate shipping costs based on all of your items. 
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Customer Reviews
Great product, Great Service
  I ordered this product, and I didn't really know what to expect. Bit said free shipping and I was pretty skeptical. But I ordered the product and later that day I recived an e-mail notifying me that it was ready to ship out! I received the product writhin a few days of ordering! I'm using this priduct to make lip balm to give away at my sister-in-laws baby shower.
  Reviewed by:  Amanda from Albuquerque, NM. on 10/11/2014
  I recently purchased a block of beeswax wanting to make lotion bars. I did not realize how how it would be to cut this block into pieces. Grating was totally out of the question. Next time I need to get pellets
  Reviewed by:  Doris from USA. on 10/2/2014
  Thank you for such a great product!
  Reviewed by:  bees wax from Boulder, CO. on 8/30/2014
  Love using the beeswax for my cleaning supplies and for making my own body creams and lotions. The quality is fantastic. I also love the smell, it reminds me of walking past a beehive on a sunny afternoon.
  Reviewed by:  Debra Hice from Hudson North Carolina. on 8/14/2014
excellent service!
  I was very impressed with how fast my order shipped and arrived in the mail. I would definitely order from this shop again. Although I did get free shipping on my one item, it does seem to a bit high on normal purchases. Still will use in the future.
  Reviewed by:  Gabrielle from New York. on 8/13/2014
Great Service and Product
  I was very pleased with my purchase and the prompt customer service. I appreciate the free shipping so much! I will definitely be doing business with this company again soon!
  Reviewed by:  Rea from Nashville TN. on 8/12/2014
  I bought this item to make waxed thread and to wax saw blades with it works great
  Reviewed by:  Chrisa M. from Asheboro NC. on 8/6/2014
Outstanding Product.
  I used this wax in conjunction with linseed oil to cover my top bar hive. Excellent product! Could not have asked for a better sheen. Smell is outstanding as noted by other costumers. Fast delivery. Price is good. Overall an extraordinary purchase. Would definitely recommend.
  Reviewed by:  OvideM from Florida. on 7/28/2014
1# beeswax
  I love, love, love this beeswax. It has a wonderful honey smell to it still and is perfect for my needs.
  Reviewed by:  Sarah B from Michigan. on 7/25/2014
Great Beeswax
  The smell from this beeswax is great. I was able to make several votives and my own hair pomade from this beeswax. Judging by the texture, smell and color, I am sure that this is the real deal.
  Reviewed by:  Hassan from Boston, MA. on 7/18/2014
Great service!
  What a great product, the price is low and it shipped in a timely manner. You exceeded my expectations. I will be buying more products from your website!
  Reviewed by:  Heather from Cincinnati. on 7/15/2014
  I received my product as promised! I am so pleased with this Beeswax. I will most definitely order more in the future.
  Reviewed by:  Kimberly K. from TX . on 7/2/2014
Bees Wax
  The smell of thier bees wax is awesome. I was so impressed with it I brought it to work to share the fragrance. Shipping was free and fast. I bought this bees wax to make chapstick.
  Reviewed by:  Melissa P. from Connecticut. on 7/1/2014
Best beeswas on the market!!!!
  Fantastic beeswax!!!! I bought a 1lb block of the beeswax and i am using it as an all natural wood sealer and its great. It has a wonderful smell and leaves a beautiful finish. I would recommend this product for all kinds of use. My wife stole a chunk from me because she loved the smell so much. She has been using it to make lotions and has had great results as well. Shipping was very fast as well, I received product in a cpl days. I highly recommend ordering from this company!!!!!
  Reviewed by:  Landon from Ft worth Texas . on 5/31/2014
Great product and FAST shipping!
  Smells great! Was very surprised how quickly I recieved this in the mail.
  Reviewed by:  KP from FL. on 5/30/2014
  Love the smell of the bees wax. Can't wait to make candles out of it!
  Reviewed by:  Michael J W. from Idaho. on 4/30/2014
  Great in many ways. I got my item in few days, much sooner than I expected. I have already started using the product, and loving it. This will last me for awhile. Most of all, the service. When placing the order, I accidentally put the incomplete address, and they picked it up and contacted me first. You don't get that kind of service anywhere.
  Reviewed by:  ai from New York. on 4/15/2014
  bought the wax to seal logs to raise shitaki mushrooms. It was the ideal wax to use,no shrinkage what so ever.Would recommend this wax for any purpose you might think you would need it for.
  Reviewed by:  paul m. from siler city nc. on 4/3/2014
  Very fast delivery - first time using bees wax and it worked great - will be ordering again.
  Reviewed by:  Pat from MN. on 3/28/2014
  Great product! Great price! I am using my beeswax in recipes for DIY lotions. It's working very well. And there were no shipping costs. Other places were doubling the price with shipping costs.
  Reviewed by:  Laurie S. from Wisconsin. on 3/27/2014
  This product is great! I've never used beeswax before and it was harder to cut and grate than i expected, but it worked wonderfully!! I now have wonderful smelling solid perfumes!! Highly Recommend!!
  Reviewed by:  Skyler S. from Texas. on 3/27/2014
  I ordered the one pound block(which was free shipping!)thinking it would last a very long time. I totally under estimated how fabulous this beeswax would be. After using it the first time I fell totally in love! I have been thinking about all kinds of things to make as well as gifts for my family! I absolutely love this beeswax! It smells fantastic and I have found that, in my homemade lip balm, the smell keeps getting sweeter and more delicious. My order was delivered in about three days and actually shipped out within hours of placing my order! I will continue to buy from this company in the future
  Reviewed by:  Stephanie G. from knoxville, tn. on 3/24/2014
  Very fast in shipment. Excellent quality. Great service. I will be back for more. Thank you for quality and excellence. A hard thing to find now days.
  Reviewed by:  Gene from Warren, Ohio. on 3/17/2014
Bees wax
  Was just what I imagined. Smelled fresh, nice color, everything I think beesxaw should looked like.
  Reviewed by:   Susan Fortner from Plentywood, MT. on 3/1/2014
  The beeswax arrived on time. It is a superior grade and is obviously very fresh. I have recommended it to friends.
  Reviewed by:  Robert R. from Round Rock Texas. on 2/11/2014
  It was shipped quickly, and I loved the fact that the shipping was free. The beeswax spells awesome, like honey, but spicier. I am totally satisfied with my product.
  Reviewed by:  Petra W. from Harrisonville, MO. on 2/7/2014
  What an amazing transaction and product. I can't wait to get busy. Thank You, Thank You
  Reviewed by:  pat from lorain. on 2/5/2014
Great Beeswax
  Received my order on time and am very happy with the quality. Has worked wonderfully in homemade wood / furniture polish, and am looking forward to making a few candles with the leftovers!
  Reviewed by:  Blake from Dallas, TX. on 2/2/2014
  Went through another distributer and got rancid beeswax! It smelled awful! Your's has a beautiful sweet and subtle smell just like I remember from when my Grandfather raised honey bees. It worked wonderfully in my homemade skin care products. Pellets are easier to work with but the quality of this block is worth the trouble. Thanks for the free shipping too!
  Reviewed by:  Janel R. from California. on 1/29/2014
  The beeswax came super fast. Have used it several times already and it melts great!! Love it and will be ordering from here in the future!!!
  Reviewed by:  Carola S. from TX. on 1/21/2014

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