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1 Pound Beeswax - Free Shipping via the Post Office
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1 Pound Beeswax - Free Shipping via the Post Office
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Beeswax in a 1 pound block
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Product Description
Each 1 pound block measures approximately 6.25" x 3.75" x 1.25".

You'll notice that 1, 2, and 16 pound blocks of beeswax includes free shipping - this is for folks that are buying ONLY beeswax and nothing else!

If you are buying additional products, it's less expensive to buy the beeswax that costs $7.50 without free shipping since there will be shipping costs on honey products, etc. 
Beeswax in a 1 pound block that has been filtered twice and ready to use in any application where beeswax is needed. Beeswax has a variety of uses including; candles, lotions, soaps, hair products, wood projects, fishing, art, painting, musical instruments, manufacturing, etc. Great beeswax for any use. This beeswax includes free shipping which helps those folks who are only buying beeswax and nothing else.

This beeswax includes free shipping.  If you are just buying 1 pound of beeswax then it will be less to get the beeswax that includes the free shipping.  If you are buying any other items along with the beeswax, then buy the beeswax that does not include free shipping since you'll have to calculate shipping costs based on all of your items. 
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Customer Reviews
  Great in many ways. I got my item in few days, much sooner than I expected. I have already started using the product, and loving it. This will last me for awhile. Most of all, the service. When placing the order, I accidentally put the incomplete address, and they picked it up and contacted me first. You don't get that kind of service anywhere.
  Reviewed by:  ai from New York. on 4/15/2014
  bought the wax to seal logs to raise shitaki mushrooms. It was the ideal wax to use,no shrinkage what so ever.Would recommend this wax for any purpose you might think you would need it for.
  Reviewed by:  paul m. from siler city nc. on 4/3/2014
  Very fast delivery - first time using bees wax and it worked great - will be ordering again.
  Reviewed by:  Pat from MN. on 3/28/2014
  This product is great! I've never used beeswax before and it was harder to cut and grate than i expected, but it worked wonderfully!! I now have wonderful smelling solid perfumes!! Highly Recommend!!
  Reviewed by:  Skyler S. from Texas. on 3/27/2014
  Great product! Great price! I am using my beeswax in recipes for DIY lotions. It's working very well. And there were no shipping costs. Other places were doubling the price with shipping costs.
  Reviewed by:  Laurie S. from Wisconsin. on 3/27/2014
  I ordered the one pound block(which was free shipping!)thinking it would last a very long time. I totally under estimated how fabulous this beeswax would be. After using it the first time I fell totally in love! I have been thinking about all kinds of things to make as well as gifts for my family! I absolutely love this beeswax! It smells fantastic and I have found that, in my homemade lip balm, the smell keeps getting sweeter and more delicious. My order was delivered in about three days and actually shipped out within hours of placing my order! I will continue to buy from this company in the future
  Reviewed by:  Stephanie G. from knoxville, tn. on 3/24/2014
  Very fast in shipment. Excellent quality. Great service. I will be back for more. Thank you for quality and excellence. A hard thing to find now days.
  Reviewed by:  Gene from Warren, Ohio. on 3/17/2014
Bees wax
  Was just what I imagined. Smelled fresh, nice color, everything I think beesxaw should looked like.
  Reviewed by:   Susan Fortner from Plentywood, MT. on 3/1/2014
  The beeswax arrived on time. It is a superior grade and is obviously very fresh. I have recommended it to friends.
  Reviewed by:  Robert R. from Round Rock Texas. on 2/11/2014
  It was shipped quickly, and I loved the fact that the shipping was free. The beeswax spells awesome, like honey, but spicier. I am totally satisfied with my product.
  Reviewed by:  Petra W. from Harrisonville, MO. on 2/7/2014
  What an amazing transaction and product. I can't wait to get busy. Thank You, Thank You
  Reviewed by:  pat from lorain. on 2/5/2014
Great Beeswax
  Received my order on time and am very happy with the quality. Has worked wonderfully in homemade wood / furniture polish, and am looking forward to making a few candles with the leftovers!
  Reviewed by:  Blake from Dallas, TX. on 2/2/2014
  Went through another distributer and got rancid beeswax! It smelled awful! Your's has a beautiful sweet and subtle smell just like I remember from when my Grandfather raised honey bees. It worked wonderfully in my homemade skin care products. Pellets are easier to work with but the quality of this block is worth the trouble. Thanks for the free shipping too!
  Reviewed by:  Janel R. from California. on 1/29/2014
  The beeswax came super fast. Have used it several times already and it melts great!! Love it and will be ordering from here in the future!!!
  Reviewed by:  Carola S. from TX. on 1/21/2014
  I found the Bees Wax very pure and satisfactory for the purpose for which I am using it in, Which is a mixture for home made wax. Excellent product.
  Reviewed by:  Jerome E. from Oakridge, OR 97463. on 1/10/2014
  Love the subtle honey scent, smells clean and fresh. This wax works perfectly for my lotions! It melts nicely and the shize and shape of the block is perfect for easy storage of my unused portions. Shipping was fast...AND FREE! Can't beat that! Great product.
  Reviewed by:  Ell from Washington. on 1/2/2014
Awesome Bees Wax Is Awesome
  Awesome bees wax is awesome! Wife already made a candle, it burns beautifully, and is extremely happy with the product. She will likely order more.
  Reviewed by:  Court D. from South Carolina. on 12/31/2013
Exactly what I was looking for
  I'd had an awful experience with beeswax pellets I bought online, until I found this store. Not only is it local (for me), but the block of beeswax melted great in my crafting crock pot. It arrived in a timely fashion, allowing me to make all my gifts in time for Christmas. I love that this company is local and provides quality products. I will definitely purchase more in the future.
  Reviewed by:  Karina from Pittsburgh. on 12/19/2013
Great product!
  I am very pleased with the beeswax. It worked great and has a pleasant subtle honey scent. Will definitely purchase again!
  Reviewed by:  Adam D. from Christiansburg, OH. on 12/9/2013
Great product!
  Received the order fast. I love the smell of it!
  Reviewed by:  Arianne from WA . on 12/2/2013
  A whole pound of honey love! A beautiful addition to my salves, balms and creams, Thank you for the prompt and courteous service.
  Reviewed by:  Deb from Vermont. on 12/1/2013
Received Fast
  Smooth transaction, received fast, good quality, thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Marilyn R. from Arlington, TX. on 11/30/2013
Nice quality, a little short on weight
  This beeswax came very quickly--which is perfect for me. I use it to make creams and lotions for my business and for my 1-year-old son, who has skin issues. It's a high-quality, good melting, nice, fresh, subtle honey scent. I was a little disappointed that when I used my recently calibrated scale to weigh it for my recipe that it came to only just over 15 oz. I wasn't sure, so I took it to my postage scale, and got the same weight. I like to give the benefit of the doubt, and plan on ordering from this supplier again (especially since I love supporting my home area, even when I can't live back in Ashland!). I look forward to purchasing the 2-pound block next for my needs. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Alyssa from Michigan. on 11/24/2013
Very Pleased
  I got my order right when I was told I would and couldn't be happier with the quality of the wax. Will definitely be ordering future wax here.
  Reviewed by:  Seth C. from Overland Park, KS. on 11/16/2013
Bees wax
  LOVE! Came to my house real fast and im super happy with the bees wax!
  Reviewed by:  Rain from MI. on 11/16/2013
ya beeswax!
  It shipped very quickly and smells great. I can't wait to use it in my salves!
  Reviewed by:  Laura from Albuquerque. on 11/16/2013
Love this stuff!
  I cannot believe how quickly my order arrived! It's just what I needed. I'm sure I'll have many other uses for it, but my primary reason for purchase was so I could make a homemade version of Vicks vapor rub. I needed beeswax to help give the finished product a more solid consistency. A nice side effect of using the beeswax is that it leaves my skin feeling soft. I think I'm going to make some lip balm as well. Oh, and it smells great, too!
  Reviewed by:  Rebecca W. from Kentucky. on 10/30/2013
  The one pound package of beeswax arrived very quickly; within three days or so of ordering. It was packed well and fully intact. I recently used the product for a DIY project and unlike what I had read about beeswax, it melted very quickly in a double boiler. I was quite pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone making candles or lotions. It has a very subtle aroma and will not overpower any other scents you are wanting to use.
  Reviewed by:  Toni from Dallas. on 10/16/2013
  Awesome product. Worked perfectly for what I needed it for. Smells great too! Will order again soon.
  Reviewed by:  Jen L. from CA. on 10/12/2013
Just What I Ordered
  I use the wax for various woodworking shop chores. The one pound block is perfect for that - very clean. As others report, the delivery was really quick. I probably will not order more because I think for my purposes it is more than a "lifetime supply." But would certainly recommend it to others.
  Reviewed by:  Stuart from Bedford, VA. on 10/10/2013

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