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2 Pounds Beeswax - Free Shipping via the Post Office
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2 Pounds Beeswax - Free Shipping via the Post Office
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Beeswax in 1 pound block - you get 2 blocks
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Product Description
Each 1 pound block measures approximately 6.25" x 3.75" x 1.25".

You'll notice that 1, 2, 16 and 23 pound blocks of beeswax includes free shipping - this is for folks that are buying ONLY beeswax and nothing else and also for folks who live in HI, AK, etc.

If you are buying additional products, it's less expensive to buy the beeswax that costs $8.50 without free shipping since there will be shipping costs on honey products, etc. 

Beeswax in a 1 pound block that has been rendered twice and ready to use in any application where beeswax is needed. Beeswax has a variety of uses including; candles, lotions, soaps, hair products, wood projects, fishing, art, painting, musical instruments, manufacturing, etc. Great beeswax for any use. This beeswax includes free shipping which helps those folks who are only buying beeswax and nothing else.

This beeswax includes free shipping.  If you are just buying just 1 or 2 pounds of beeswax then it will be less to get the beeswax that includes the free shipping.  If you are buying any other items along with the beeswax, then buy the beeswax that does not include free shipping since you'll have to calculate shipping costs based on all of your items. 

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Customer Reviews
Will purchase again!
  Thank you Ebeehoney! I recieved my beeswax withing days, this was my first purchase with you folks and I'm pleased with the excellent customer service you provide. Before shipping my order, I recieved a call to verify my address before my purchase was shipping which I am very greatful. The beeswax has a sweet smell no residue its perfect! Thank you so much!
  Reviewed by:  Andrea Scott from Harbor City, CA. on 3/20/2015
  Best quality and price on truly pure natural beeswax blocks I have found (I shopped around over the years before finding you!). So satisfied with the lovely natural scent and wonderful quality, I will never buy beeswax elsewhere and have recommended you to several friends who loved my products and wanted to make their own! Everyone thanked me and loved what they bought from you too! :) keep up the awesome bee-lovin-work!
  Reviewed by:  julie from MD. on 3/20/2015
Above the Rest. Great Products & Excellent Service!
  I have ordered my products from Ebeehoney over the last 8 years to make my healing balms and my lip balms. The products are of excellent quality, my order is always shipped as soon as possible. When I have questions I can call them personally and get the answers I need. The company is stable and is trust worthy. Thank you Ebeehoney. Beetastic Naturals :-)
  Reviewed by:  Beetastic Naturals from Clearwater, Fl. on 3/18/2015
The real deal...
  Looks like beeswax, smells like beeswax, and taste like beeswax. Great stuff, I'll buy again when I run out.
  Reviewed by:  Desertcom1 from Phoenix, AZ. on 3/16/2015
The Best
  I've been trying to make candles and cosmetics using beeswax for a few weeks. Luckily, I stumbled upon this site and purchased 2 lbs of beeswax. This is, by far, the best beeswax I purchased - and trust me, I purchased a TON! You will be very happy when you make this order. It smells amazing and it melts beautifully. Such a fantastic price, too!
  Reviewed by:  Taja from Seattle, WA. on 3/14/2015
Great Buy
  Had a wonderful experience buying this beeswax! It smells amazing and works perfectly for what I needed! Thanks for providing such a great product.
  Reviewed by:  Bryson from Texas. on 3/12/2015
  I was concerned on how this would melt I was very impressed on how easy it was to do and use in making lipbalms and other things. Thank you ebeehoney for such a great pure product. Will recomend to others. Shipping was fast also.
  Reviewed by:  charles from michigan. on 3/5/2015
business owner
  I have purchased this wonderful beeswax before and this time ordered 4lbs! the best beeswax I have ever use in hard lotion bars and other beauty products...will be ordering more and hopefully someday quantity!
  Reviewed by:  bonnie j. from Ashfield MA. on 2/9/2015
  I used the 2 pounds of beeswax to make lotions and Chapstick. Shipping was fast and great. Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Brittany A. from Ohio. on 2/5/2015
beekeeper master gardeneropened it
  I couldn't wait to get the beeswax. It came 2days after ordering it. I opened it immediately. The smell was intoxicating. I am thrilled to have found a place with such a quality product. I used it to make a batch of soaps and cremes. I simply love it.
  Reviewed by:  Celeste P. from 11055 Sperry rd. on 2/1/2015
Sun City ChoppingBlocks
  The speedy delivery was nice and the pure beeswax was beautiful. I make wooden chopping block and I coat them with a paste made from mineral oil and beeswax. The pure beeswax is ideal for waterproofing the wood but it is the anti-microbial properties of the pure beeswax that makes it ideal for this application by preventing fugal and bacterial growth in the wood. The sweet smell also adds to the pleasure of using the chopping block. I highly recommend ebeehoney for a quality product.
  Reviewed by:  Brian G. from El Paso, Texas. on 1/26/2015
Devil's Club Salve Maker Extraordinaire!
  This beeswax is very nice - smells delightful, clean, and handles just as it should. It was sent promptly and arrived in good order. The two pounds/free shipping deal worked perfectly for me. Very happy!
  Reviewed by:  Jo from Alaska. on 1/17/2015
  I was surprised how fast I received my order, especially with free shipping. I love the smell!! Haven't made anything with the wax yet, but my first project is going to be handmade natural lotion bars. Can't wait. Will definitely be ordering more products.
  Reviewed by:  Ceci from Tomball, Tx. on 1/16/2015
Excellent Product!
  I ordered beeswax for making beeswax-coconut oil candles. Shipping was very fast and the beeswax smells and looks great! Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Erik K from Sedro Woolley, WA. on 12/31/2014
Wonderful Honey Smell
  I was looking for beeswax that had a great smell to it, as ones that I've gotten in the past have smelled sort of plastic-ky. This is literally the best smelling beeswax I have come across. It smells amazing!!! Was also delivered in a very timely manner. You won't be disappointed with buying this product. It is a little hard to cut, which is to be expected of any beeswax block. I wish there was the option of making this into those little pastilles that are easy to melt.
  Reviewed by:  Lisa P from Middletown, CT. on 12/27/2014
Homeschooling Mom
  So pleased with our order. Our beeswax arrived promptly and we qualified for with free shipping. My family is so excited to make some high quality candles! The price was more than reasonable, and the quality is the best. We hesitated using it right away because the blocks of wax themselves looked very decorative. :) will definitely order here in the future. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Sarah D. from Malvern, OH. on 12/23/2014
Very happy!
  Ebeehoney is great! All my questions were answered quickly, my beeswax order was processed and delivered within days, and the beeswax smells and looks awesome. Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Caroline from Connecticut . on 12/10/2014
Just as advertised!
  I ordered this wax to make homemade lotions for Christmas gifts. I was happy to receive such a high quality product so quickly. It arrived perfectly packaged and I had great interactions with Glenn along the way. I highly recommend not only this product, but this awesome beekeeper!
  Reviewed by:  Jamie from Royersford, PA. on 12/8/2014
Sweet T
  Arrived much faster than I expected. Perfect product. Sweet honey smell, clean, well packaged. Will absolutely buy again.
  Reviewed by:  Teresa C. from Asheville, NC. on 12/6/2014
Beeswax 1lb blocks
  Arrived quickly, smelled fantastic! I used it for lip balm and lotion bars. It melts easily, even when cut into chunks. I will buy from here again. This is definitely a top quality product. 😁 Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Lori from Mechanicsburg, PA. on 12/1/2014
  Shipping was fast loved that and the 2 pounds of beeswax is top quality. Made a sauve with the beeswax and came out great!.
  Reviewed by:  Jay from Washington. on 11/30/2014
  This beeswax smells amazing! This was my first time ever purchasing beeswax and I can definetly say that I am very happy with my choice. It honestly smelled better than I had hoped, with a very rich sweet honey smell and I love it. Will certainly buy again! :)
  Reviewed by:  Kaitlyn from Fulton, NY. on 11/10/2014
Wonderful Wax
  Clean, sweet smelling, very useful wax. Great product, good price.
  Reviewed by:  Rey from Bishop CA. on 11/4/2014
  Great service, beautiful beeswax, prompt delivery -- will be sending for more!
  Reviewed by:  Amanda from San Diego, CA. on 11/4/2014
Remarkable Quality, Great Price
  I have been purchasing beeswax from eBeeHoney for about two years now, and I've never been dissatisfied with the quality. It's so pure, it smells terrific, and it's very reasonably priced! Most importantly, I love supporting a farm so committed to taking such good care of the bees who produce this quality product. I've now made lip balm, lotion, and candles with this beeswax -- everything has turned out fantastic! Thank you for all that you do!
  Reviewed by:  Kimberly from Ann Arbor, MI. on 10/30/2014
Great Product!
  Very satisfied with this product! It smells absolutely wonderful. I was shocked how fragrant the honey smell was and wanted to take a bite of out it! Shipping was fast. Works great for me homemade lip balm.
  Reviewed by:  Sarah B. from Nashville, TN. on 10/29/2014
  The product was shipped in a timely manner, it smells of sweet honey! I have not yet incorporated it into my salve but the texture is great and the smell is even better. Thank you eBeeHoney!
  Reviewed by:  Ryan from Idyllwild,CA. on 10/3/2014
Best Beeswax Ever
  This is the best beeswax I've ever smelled or used. As soon as I opened the bag it smelled 100 times better than any other beeswax I've ever used. Thank you guys for making a awesome product. I will definitely be ordering more.
  Reviewed by:  Nick L. from Elizabethtown ky. on 9/28/2014
Fantastic beeswax!!
  As others have said the smell of pure honey when I opened the package told me this was something special. The scent is not strong just completely natural, and the feel is very smooth. You can find beeswax for less but you get what you pay for and that other stuff may be blended with other cheaper waxes. This to me is worth every penny.
  Reviewed by:  Joe S. from Charlottesville, VA. on 9/9/2014
Love it!
  Awesome deal and perfect for our projects!
  Reviewed by:  Daisy S. from Greenville Maine. on 8/28/2014
The Bee's Knees
  Excellent product. The wax arrived in a timely manner and was everything that the description promised. My brother-in-law has bees and this wax is better than his. Smells good enough to eat, or in my case,use in herbal remedies.
  Reviewed by:  Ann from Glencoe,AR. on 8/7/2014
  New to using beeswax and haven't made anything yet as my product is still in process. But shipping was faster than expected and a surprise. The wax was beautiful in color and smelled wonderful! Good enough to eat! Can't beat the price from anywhere else I searched. Will definitely order from you again! Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Corlene from Oregon. on 7/22/2014
Great product
  Bought and received this product last week. Can't beat the price and free shipping. I used it to make lotion. It was smooth and creamy and smelled very good. I will definitely buy from here again.
  Reviewed by:  Nicole from Baltimore. on 7/1/2014
Product is very fresh!
  I bought beeswax to make candles. This beeswax is very fresh and smells wonderful. In fact, it is the best smelling beeswax I have ever smelled. The aroma filled the room when I opened the box. I will definitely purchase this product again!
  Reviewed by:  JDay from Connecticut. on 6/3/2014
  This is a great product. Perfect for lotions and cosmetics. Smells great and ships really fast!
  Reviewed by:  Marlyn D. from Virginia Beach, VA. on 5/7/2014
Amazing beeswax!
  the first thing that stuck me when I opened the package is the amazing fragrance of honey, its sweet and comfortable but not overpowering, it tells you that this is the real deal! Almost feels like chewing it, I've heard of people chewing pure beeswax instead of chewing gum
  Reviewed by:  Yvonne K. from Singapore. on 5/6/2014
2 lbs beeswax
  I was surprised when I got home to find a package waiting so soon! Great product, just as advertised. Great site, easy to navigate.
  Reviewed by:  Diana S. from San Diego, CA. on 4/22/2014
Natural Homemaker
  I love this beeswax! Very fast shipping! Excellent quality, perfect for candles, cosmetics, all kinds of goodies. Highly recommended!
  Reviewed by:  Aniko M. from Delaware, Ohio. on 4/15/2014
  Cheaper and better than competitors. Will be buying from ebeehoney.com from now on.
  Reviewed by:  Michael L. from Canton, Gal. on 4/7/2014
Excellent Product - Excellent Purchase Experience
  The price was very reasonable and the delivery arrived within the quoted time frame. The two blocks of beeswax I received are of good quality with a subtle fragrance. Great ingredient source for my homemade lip balm and other personal care products. I will definitely be a repeat customer. :)
  Reviewed by:  Tara from Houston, Texas. on 3/22/2014
  I purchased this to try my hand at beeswax crafts and have no complaints. The price was great and I appreciate the service of eBee. Thankyuz.
  Reviewed by:  Demi from the isthmus. on 3/14/2014
  It smells soo nice! I'm using it for chapstick that I'm selling at my school. It melts easily, i break it up with a hammer first and doesn't require any added scents.
  Reviewed by:  Beatrice from Chicago, Il. on 3/13/2014
Great product
  Bought this product to seal spawn on Shitake mushrooms. Melted easily at a low temp. Great seal. Great job.
  Reviewed by:  Bill S. from Roxboro, N.C.. on 3/7/2014
Love it
  Love the smell and texture. I would buy this again and plan to. The only thing is that I want to buy the 2 pounds but wish that I can get them in small bars for same cost
  Reviewed by:  MKBella from Ohio. on 2/26/2014
Happy Happy!
  Excellent quality at a reasonable price. I love all things bees!
  Reviewed by:  Christina S. from North West Indiana. on 2/23/2014
very nice wax
  nice aroma, no need for other scents, works like a room freshener with no noxic fumes or over powering perfumed odors like manufactured products. great and fast service too.
  Reviewed by:  jan c from Michigan. on 2/19/2014
Beeswax for Cosmetics
  I ordered this beeswax for use in homemade lotion, and it's fantastic. It's clean, smells amazing, feels great on skin when used as a lotion ingredient--nothing else works on my skin in the winter! Plus, it was half the price of some other beeswax, and the free shipping is awesome.
  Reviewed by:  bekah w. from minneapolis. on 2/18/2014
I have a really successful mustache wax thanks to Ebeehoney.com
  Love the wax 💜💙 smells amazing. These are my go to guys for all my waxy needs. Keep up the wonderful work.
  Reviewed by:  Robert from Salt Lake City. on 2/10/2014
EBeeHoney Beeswax
  I bought 2 one pound blocks to make candles. They smell wonderful. Will buy from them again.
  Reviewed by:  Katy from Indiana. on 2/8/2014
Excellent product & service
  After searching all over the internet for good, natural beeswax to make my own candles with, I was so excited when I found this website. They have the best price, free shipping, and it's amazing quality! The scent is light but definitely still noticeable. The 2 blocks had a cute honeycomb design all around the edges, which I really liked. They also shipped my order out the very same day even though I had ordered late in the day(a Friday)! I couldn't be more pleased and will definitely be ordering again!
  Reviewed by:  Casey O. from Pittsburgh, PA. on 2/7/2014

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