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Chunk Honey<br/><font size=-1>6 oz. (nt. wt.)
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Chunk Honey
6 oz. (nt. wt.)
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You choose clover or wildflower

A chunk of cut comb honey in a 6 oz. jar.

The jar is then filled with clover honey or wildflower honey - you choose!

This jar makes the perfect gift to combine with other honey varieties.

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Product Description
We make our chunk honey by cutting a chunk of comb honey from the beehives. We then place this chunk honey into a jar and pour honey over it. This 6 oz. size is great for gift giving or if the pint jar is just too much for you.

Jar measures 3" tall by 2" wide.

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Customer Reviews
  Every since I've tried the Wildflower Chunk Honey, I've not enjoyed another.
  Reviewed by:  Ava from New York. on 9/15/2015
honey review
  I was so happy to receive my honey. Not only did it arrive intact but it is delicious. I had ordered some honey from amazon and the package came in with the honey container broke and honey on the inside of the box and on the book that I ordered too!!! But I would give your honey and service a 5 star recommendation!!!
  Reviewed by:  Pam B. from Jackson Michigan. on 9/15/2015
comb honey
  This honey is as pure as the driven rain and taste wise some of the best I have ever had, thanks e- bee for everything
  Reviewed by:  J MOORE from louisville ky. on 9/10/2015
Chunk honey
  Such a wonderful experience for my mom. I purchased this for her as she loves loves loves the comb. My mom is turning 94 this month and I try to let her experience any and everything she thinks of asking for. It arrived so quick. And she has almost finished half a jar in less than a week. Thank you so much for a great product but mostly for some memories made with my mom.
  Reviewed by:  Debbie F. from Parker, AZ. on 3/19/2015
  Love the honey comb! Brought back great memories. Fun to chew on and enjoy every drop of flavor.
  Reviewed by:  Becky from Oak Harbor OH. on 11/20/2014
Fabulous old-time favorite
  My husband loves honey comb (chunk). I saw this and knew I had to get it for him. We use the honey in recipes (honey cake, tea, peanut butter and honey sandwiches...) and then he gets the comb as a treat. Twice the fun in one jar. Perfect, natural and DELICIOUS!
  Reviewed by:  Debi from Salem, MA. on 9/26/2014
Great new discovery!
  This was my first time trying comb honey and I have to say it was very interesting. After eating the honey (delicious)I chewed pieces of the comb to extract the rest just like it was a piece of gum you spit out when the flavor is gone. Love trying new things! Will buy again.
  Reviewed by:  Angela D. from Rochester,NY. on 9/11/2014
  I have never had bees wax before...what an amazing surprise. Really good.
  Reviewed by:  gina g. from vancouver, wa. on 12/30/2013