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Creamed Orange Blossom 24 oz.
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Creamed Orange Blossom 24 oz.
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Creamed raw orange blossom honey

1 pint size

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Product Description
Creamed honey also known as whipped honey, honey butter, or spun honey is a type of crystallized honey that has been processed using temperature controlled methods to bring about the creamy texture of the product. Creamed honey has a texture similar to peanut butter.

Orange blossom honey comes primarily from flowers of the orange blossoms from orange trees, but can be from a combination of citrus sources, is usually light in color and mild in flavor with a fresh scent and light citrus taste. Orange blossom honey is produced in Florida, Southern California and parts of Texas. We get our orange blossom honey from a friend who moves his hives south to FL.
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Customer Reviews
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  I was in California for 2 weeks and even talked to a bee grower about getting this amazing honey and could not find any. I love the taste of the orange blossom. I was teaching a course there and as a gift the people ordered me this honey and I am so happy! I did not pay for it so I do not know if the price is good I know the taste is amazing....
  Reviewed by:  Teresa C. from Las Vegas. on 6/28/2015
honey lover
  Best creamed honey I've had in a long time!
  Reviewed by:  Ron from Kansas. on 5/22/2015
  Creamed orange blossom honey: I believe I can taste the Orange, there is purfect consistency, & tastes great. I will "bee" a long, long-term customer! P.S. Excellent prices also!
  Reviewed by:  Mark G. from Nevada. on 5/10/2015
The test
  I have ordered variety of honeys from you i the past and I was very impressed with the product. Especially the strong test and flavour. Unfortunately the time I did not noticed the strong test of orange blossom in this product. I have not yet tried the other product I purchase and will provide you with my review in due time. Cheers
  Reviewed by:  Dr Sabah T. from Myrtle Beach, SC. on 1/26/2015
The Best of the Best
  Wow, we all loved this, the guys were eating it by the spoon fulls. Last time I had this was 20 years ago in California. Thanks for a Great Product and service. The price is good and I will order again. I am a customer for life. I can not wait to get back home and stock up until the next year for your Creamed Orange Blossom Honey. YEE-HAW.
  Reviewed by:  Darby from Bagram AF, Afghanistan. on 12/26/2014


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