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Handmade Soaps

We have different types of soaps for you.

Simply click on any of the categories below to see soaps or loafs, etc.

We have handmade soaps made with olive oil available by the bar or loaf (can be cut into 10 bars). We also have soaps made with a glycerin base with REAL HONEY.

The personalized soaps come in a box with a window for viewing the soap. The label will be on the back of the box and each soap will be shrink wrapped.

The single bars measure approximately 2.5" x 3.25" x 1" thick - a nice sold bar of soap. Bars are only $2.65 each.

To see ingredients of a soap, simply click on the soap and then read the description of that soap.

*** Allergy Warning: Some soaps contain shea butter (from Shea Nuts). 
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