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Soap - Pick 18 Choices - 18 Bars
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Soap - Pick 18 Choices - 18 Bars
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You pick the soap you want! Choose 18 different soaps below. If you pick more than 18 your order will be delayed.

This is only $2.50 per bar. Type in the quantity of each soap you wish into the box to the right of the soap name.

Choose Your Options
Bay and Orange **
Cedarwood **
Cherry Almond
Cinnamon **
Cucumber Melon **
Frank & Myrrh **
Honey Almond **
Lavender Purple **
Lavender Oatmeal **
Nature's Scent **
Shea **
Tea Tree
Unscented Oatmeal **
Vanilla Oatmeal
Your Price:
Product Description
You choose the soaps you want choose 18 different soaps! Simply enter the quantity of each soap you wish into the box to the right of each soap. You will receive 18 soaps which each weigh approximately 4.75 oz.. Weighs will vary since we cut the bars by hand! These are nice big bars of handmade soap.

Handmade soap made with olive oil and fantastic to use or give as gifts! The bars measure approximately 2.5" x 3.25" x 1" thick - a nice sold bar of soap. Check out the ingredients in these soaps - they feel great to use everyday.

Handmade Soaps marked ** are "all natural" (100% natural), and others not marked contain synthetic fragrance (95% natural). None of these soaps contain FDA numbered dyes, rather they are colored with oxides, herbs and clays (basically, "natural colors"). To view all the soap ingredients on one page - visit this link.

*** Allergy Warning: Some soaps contain shea butter (from Shea Nuts). You can buy a bar or loaf - a loaf makes approximately 10 bars. To buy a loaf, click on "sub-categories" link just below.

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