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Pick 25 Bars with Free Shipping $66.30 for 25 Bars!
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Pick 25 Bars with Free Shipping $66.30 for 25 Bars!
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Place a check next to the soap you wish below.

To let us know how many of each bar of soap,

simply type in the "comment section" located just beneath the credit card area on the checkout page the soap and quantity of each soap you wish.

Choose Your Options
- Apple
Bay and Orange
Cherry Almond
Cucumber Melon
Frank & Myrrh
Honey Almond
Lavender Purple
Lavender Oatmeal
Nature's Scent
Tea Tree
Unscented Oatmeal
Vanilla Oatmeal
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Product Description
You choose the soaps you want - choose 25 soaps! Simply place a check mark next to the soap you wish. You can let us know how many of each bar as you are checking out by typing in the "comment section" how many of each bar. (i.e. Shea 4 bars, Tea Tree 12 bars, Cucumber 3 Bars, Lavender 6 Bars, etc.)

Each bar weighs approximately 4.75 oz.. Weights will vary since we cut the bars by hand! These are nice big bars of handmade soap. Make sure you choose at least 25! The total cost will be $61.25 for 25 bars.

Handmade soap made with olive oil and fantastic to use or give as gifts!  The bars measure approximately 2.5" x 3.25" x 1" thick - a nice sold bar of soap. Check out the ingredients in these soaps - they feel great to use everyday.

Handmade Soaps marked ** are "all natural" (100% natural), and others not marked contain synthetic fragrance (95% natural). None of these soaps contain FDA numbered dyes, rather they are colored with oxides, herbs and clays (basically, "natural colors"). To view all the soap ingredients on one page - visit this link.

*** Allergy Warning: Some soaps contain shea butter (from Shea Nuts). You can buy a bar or loaf - a loaf makes approximately 10 bars. To buy a loaf, click on "sub-categories" link just below.

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Customer Reviews
Love these soaps!
  I order these soaps for our year supply! Great soaps and all natural! These will last for a little over a year with 2 people. Great deal!!!!
  Reviewed by:  LORI G. from Austin, Texas. on 3/18/2015
  I love these handmade soaps! The scents are wonderful, and I appreciate the all-natural ingredients. These soaps lather very well, and they leave my skin feeling soft.
  Reviewed by:  CHRISTINA from Lemoore, CA. on 12/21/2014
What a bargain!
  These soaps are so wonderful. I love the natural ingredients. Feel fresh, soft and moisturized and with just the right amount of fragrance. EbeeHoney has really nice soap at reasonable prices. I will definitely continue to order from them. I have loved every soap and every fragrance I have bought.
  Reviewed by:  Colette from South Dakota. on 5/5/2014

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