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1 lb. Variety Pack:  5 Honey Varieties in this pack:  W, G, B, O, S
Clover Honey
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1 lb. Variety Pack: 5 Honey Varieties in this pack: W, G, B, O, S
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This honey has been heated and filtered. If you wish raw honey, click on the "raw honey" link.

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Product Description
You'll get 5 varieties of honey in 1 pound containers.

You'll receive 1 container of each of the following:
Wildflower honey
Goldenrod honey
Buckwheat honey
Orange Blossom honey
Star Thistle honey

To read about each variety of honey, please visit our honey description page

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Customer Reviews
  Your service was unexpected. It was great! Placed an order early Monday morning and received product the next day with Standard shipping! That is much appreciated. I didn't know what to expect with the quality of honey. So, when the package arrived, I had to sample each right away. I am pleased with the quality. Buckwheat and goldenrod are too strong for my taste. They won't go to waste as they are great in our homemade wheat bread. Thanks again for your commitment to quality service and product. I will definitely be ordering from you again once the honeypot runs dry!
  Reviewed by:  Craig from Guilford, Indiana. on 3/20/2013

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