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2.5 lb. Raw Locust Honey
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2.5 lb. Raw Locust Honey
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Raw Locust Honey in a 2.5 pound container.
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2013 Crop!

We'll start shipping most likely 6-12-13 as we are just bottling it now and want to see who buys what size. Sorry we only offer it in 1 lb. and 2.5 pound sizes.  We're staggering the emails we are sending out and bottling Locust honey everyday so it will most likely take a few days for us to ship your order.

It's been 2 years but we finally got some again! This honey is very tough to produce since it's such a short season that the flowers are on the black locust trees. Bees have got to be strong in early Spring to be able to produce any Locust honey. Not many beekeepers produce it, in fact we don't know of any.

Raw Locust honey in a 2.5 pound container. Locust honey is also known as Acacia Honey.

Raw honey has not been heated and simply filtered through a large mess screen. The screen removes larger particles and allows pollen, propolis and beeswax particles to pass through it. Pleasant tasting honey, aromatic, and ranging from water white to light yellow in color, this honey comes from the black locust tree which flowers in long white racemes.

This honey is tough to produce as the black locust trees are only flowering a couple of weeks at best and we typically have a big Spring storm which knocks off the flower blossoms prior to the bees being able to make a lot of locust honey.

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Customer Reviews
The most delicious honey
  The flavor profile of this honey is hard to describe. It starts off so light and sweet, you expect it to finish with nothing but a sugar rush headache, but it's just getting started. The luscious layers of flavor are deeply hidden away and continue to melt on your tongue with floral fruitiness long after you've eaten it.
  Reviewed by:  Ileana Z from Houston, Texas. on 10/4/2013
  We absolutely love this raw locust honey. It is the smoothest, most tasty honey we have ever had. Thank you so much for this special product.
  Reviewed by:  Betty K. from Bethalto, IL. on 7/9/2013
Wonderful raw honey!
  this is the first time i ordered locust raw honey, it arrived safely and fast. the taste of the honey is very nice - this is how real honey should taste. it is very soft and gentle (if i can say it about honey), very pleasant. i loved it! will be ordering some more next time.
  Reviewed by:  Galina from Miami. on 7/1/2013
  This was my 1st time ordering Locust honey. I was very pleased it has a great flavor and it is very light. I usually prefer dark honey such as Buckwheat but this was a pleasant surprise.I would recommend it to anyone.
  Reviewed by:  David C. from Trenton Mo. on 6/27/2013
Locust Honey
  This was one of the best honeys I've ever tasted very light and delicious. First time having this variety but will definitely order again!!
  Reviewed by:  Jason from Virgina. on 6/27/2013
mead mama
  I make mead and have been waiting to use this varietal to make a traditional mead for competitions. Has a great flavor.
  Reviewed by:  denise from michigan. on 6/26/2013
Locust honey
  Just ordered 6 2.5lb containers more. That says it all.
  Reviewed by:  Peter W. from Edison NJ. on 6/26/2013
Store manager
  I looked and looked. This is the best honey there is.
  Reviewed by:  Alan from Boca raton. on 6/26/2013
Delicious Honey
  My first time discovering Black Locust Honey. It's mild but with a distinctive taste unlike any other.
  Reviewed by:  Jo Jo from New York. on 6/26/2013
Deliciously Easy Transacttion
  The locust honey is superb. Light, outstanding taste. Multitude of uses straight from the jar or in a variety if dishes. Purchasing honey from eBeeHoney.com is an excellent on-line buying experience. Easy Transaction, Very Fast Delivery. I've placed several order over the past 3 years - always impressed with their products and service.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff N. from Columbus, Ohio. on 6/23/2013
Raw Locust Honey
  Exceptional flavor! As good as it gets! Of all the varieties available from ebee honey this is probably the best I've tasted -- and I've tasted all of them.
  Reviewed by:  Ken J. from Omaha, NE. on 6/21/2013
Very satisfied
  Great tasting honey. Low glycemic which is what I was looking for. Couldn't be happier with the service and will order again.
  Reviewed by:  Barbara R. from Florida. on 6/21/2013
  This is the best honey I've ever tasted! I have waited years to get some since it is so difficult to harvest. Love it!
  Reviewed by:  Frank from Alabama. on 6/21/2013

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