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Propolis Extract - Tincture - 80% - 4oz.
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Propolis Extract - Tincture - 80% - 4oz.
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Propolis extract or tincture 80% in a 4 oz. bottle

Comes with both a cap and dropper cap .

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Product Description
This propolis extract, tincture is processed from the highest quality propolis in a whole grain alcohol and extracted into the alcohol. It is highly concentrated (80%) and highly potent.

Bee Propolis is gathered by bees from the leaf buds or bark of trees. So far 17 chemical substances in propolis have been described, some of which are: cinnamic acid, vanillin and an aromatic unsaturated acid characterized by antibacterial effects on certain gram-positive and gram-negative micro organisms.

For honey bees, propolis is used as a kind of glue. Honey bees gather propolis from trees and other vegetation. They use it to seal cracks and crevices in the hive to make it less drafty when it is cold. Propolis is sticky when it is warm and it is difficult to deal with when it is hard.

Read more about the different types of propolis.
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Customer Reviews
First Time
  I order this for the first time with the royal jelly product. Great service and delivery was quick. I take it in my tea to help boost my immune system to fight flu and cold season. It's work so far. :)
  Reviewed by:  NL from Atlanta, GA. on 2/8/2016
Great propolis
  Excellent product, nipped my first symptoms of bronchitis by the bud! Have recommended it to all my friends and family
  Reviewed by:  Emilce M. from Goshen. on 2/8/2016
  Very good product, the delivery was fast I'll be back to order again thank you
  Reviewed by:  Renata K. from Las Vegas. on 1/18/2016
Wonderful tincture
  Very potent tincture. A small amount goes a long way. Excellent product. Thank you.
  Reviewed by:  Marilyn from Bronxville. on 1/13/2016
  We use this when we feel like a cold or flu coming on. It may not be the ultimate cure but we do notice a difference in the way we rebound. It's good for sore throats as well. Great product
  Reviewed by:  Ryan from Fort Lauderdale . on 12/7/2015
Loving the Propolis Extract!!
  This stuff is AWESOME!! My husband and I have been using it to help our immune system. The immediate results are incredible for sore throat and toothache. I personally ordered it to help heal a cavity by dropping in right into the tooth and I think it is on its way to being mended. There are tons of uses for Propolis so we are looking forward to a lifetime of using!
  Reviewed by:  TERRI from California KY. on 12/3/2015
High Quality
  This is the best quality propolis that I've tried. eBee has great customer service and ships out orders quickly and efficiently.
  Reviewed by:  Lisa from Plainview, Nebraska. on 11/9/2015
Great products and service!
  Great product. Excellent customer care.Very fast shipping...Thank you very much. I will recommend to all.
  Reviewed by:  Galina from California. on 10/2/2015
Great quality!!!
  Propolis is one of those miracles of bees and I am so very happy I bought it and use it for all sorts of things including eating it. Thank you for your products and friendly not to mention always willing to educate your customer!!! I'll sure be back for more :)
  Reviewed by:  Daniel from California. on 9/2/2015
  This a product I have been looking for...since I run out of it..This product was recommended to me by friendof mine who had beehive..now they do not have so I tried to find online...and I had a luck to find "ebeehoney.com"..Great stuff..excelent customer care.fast shipping...Thank you ..will always return and recommend
  Reviewed by:   Krystyna from Wisconsin. on 7/27/2015
The Miracle of Propolis 80% Extract
  I have had a cough from COPD for 30 years. Sipping Propolis 80% Extract not only stopped my cough...it CURED it!!
  Reviewed by:  Joyce J. from Poway California. on 4/1/2015
Stronger than others.
  I have been purchasing this product from another source this has a stronger alcohol taste than the other. Also the dropper is not as well made as the other, it comes apart when you use it. This was less expensive though. I use it faithfully and it keeps the winter colds away.
  Reviewed by:  Cheryl from OH. on 1/23/2015
very potent, many great uses
  I purchased this product to try for the first time and am glad I purchased from ebeehoney.shipping was fast and the products are excellent.i will shop here for my bee supplies from now on.
  Reviewed by:  myric from ohio. on 12/22/2014
Very Potent Extract
  I use this in my elderberry syrup. It is very strong and helps tonify the immune system. When sick, I add a dropper full to a tea made with lemon, ginger, and wildflower honey.
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Cedar Park, TX. on 12/13/2014
Great product
  This is a wonderful product & it has always been a pleasure doing business here. Thank you & I look forward to doing business with you again!
  Reviewed by:  Sarah B. from Missouri. on 4/9/2014
Propolis+Royal Jelly+Wild Honey+Bee Pollen= 98% of nutrient we need to live
  This propolis is an important part of my family's immune system formula. It also helps Queen Bees to live for a few years while worker bees live for a few weeks. I use it make mouthwash and tooth powder. It helps de-industrialize your body.
  Reviewed by:  Ellen D. from Washigton, D.C.. on 12/20/2013
  I have been using propolis for several years. I have run out several times and bought some locally made propolis in Arkansas and Israel. No others have compared in quality'
  Reviewed by:  Frank J. from Ar.. on 12/4/2013
My parents like it very much
  I brought this product home to my parents. They both like it so much that they say this bee propolis liquid product is bitter but it is much better than other bee propolis products in capsules. So half year later now, I become its returned costumer. But I want to have the seller's attention, please! The cap of the bottle does not work well, that is, it is very easy to leak, especially for a long flight!! Hope it will be improved, so that I would buy more for my parents who are on the other side of the earth!
  Reviewed by:  julie from WI, US. on 12/2/2013
  This is my third time ordering propolis tincture from ebeehoney.com, and I use it for sore throat due to severe allergies, and sore throats due to colds & flu. (All tho I find that since I've bin taking this propolis, I don't have either as often as I used to) I recommend this and all ebeehoney products I have tried to be of the highest quality & purity.
  Reviewed by:  Victor from Odenton, Md. on 9/10/2013
This is potent!
  The 80% Propolis Extract is a fine product. But, as the writeup says, "highly concentrated and highly potent! I am a firm believer in the power of bee products, so I recommend this to one and all. Use wisely.
  Reviewed by:  Peter Keefe from Ashburn, VA. on 8/18/2013
Good Quality
  Product is exactly as advertised. High quality propolis. Good stuff
  Reviewed by:  Jake from US. on 3/11/2013
It works!
  I depend upon this quality product to keep my immune system boosted since I have non-Hodgkins lymphoma and my system is very compromised.
  Reviewed by:  Sue from Neenah. on 3/10/2013


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