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2.5 lbs. Raw Buckwheat Honey
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2.5 lbs. Raw Buckwheat Honey
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Raw Buckwheat Honey in a 2.5 pound container
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Raw buckwheat honey in a 2.5 pound container. Raw honey has not been heated and simply filtered through a large mesh screen. The screen removes larger particles and allows pollen, propolis and beeswax particles to pass through it. Buckwheat honey is pungent in flavor with molasses and malty tones and a lingering aftertaste. Buckwheat honey is also very dark in color.

As a general rule, darker honeys tend to be higher in antioxidant compounds than lighter ones. Because of this characteristic, darker honeys also tend to be higher in mineral content on average, as compared to lighter honeys. The buckwheat plant is an excellent honey source, sometimes planted by beekeepers specifically for honey production. The blossoms are rich in nectar and blooming can continue into the fall.
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Customer Reviews
5 stars for quality, 4 stars for personal taste
Everything eBeeHoney sells is top quality. That said be careful with this tastewise - it is very strong, almost "gamey." If that's what you want it's great. I like it for some things, not for others. Too strong to put in tea for instance. Love the wildflower for tea, just perfect.
Reviewed by: David from Western New York. on 11/26/2015
Helps with allegories
My wife and I take a teaspoon of this honey every day. This honey helps with allergies, and has great antioxidants to fight against the common cold. Try it you will love it.
Reviewed by: Ron D. from Haddon Heights NJ. on 10/24/2015
This is a five star dark, delicious and presumed nutrient dense treat. Great in coffee and with tea --make sure to add with water warm ,not hot, to preserve the relatively fragile polyphenols, otherwise the high fructose content becomes a non countered problem . My only negative is the plastic container--glass would likely have been healthier . I moved the honey into a glass Bell jar. I will order this product again.
Reviewed by: Alexander G R. from Port Haywood ,Va. on 8/16/2015
Order some today!
This is some of the best Buckwheat honey I have ever had. Rich and deep with a nice sweetness.
Reviewed by: Eugene S. from Valencia PA. on 6/19/2015
So glad I finally found raw buckwheat honey. Taste good, smell good just all around yummy.
Reviewed by: j from bg. on 6/2/2015
Love your products!
Customer service is exceptional! We keep coming back.
Reviewed by: Wendy A. from Baltimore MD. on 5/20/2015
Raw Buckwheat Honey
My husband and I really like this honey, however, it seems to crystallize easily and is hard to get out of the jar. I have to set it in very hot water in order to liquidize it again. I really don't like having to keep doing this. Otherwise than that little problem, it is a good tasting honey and I would highly recommend it.
Reviewed by: Rebekah from Texas. on 4/14/2015
strong, flavorful
Crystallized fast, and tasted much better once it did - smoother and less molassy. Hard to get it out of that jar with a narrow neck once it's crystallized though. :)
Reviewed by: Alex G. from Topanga CA. on 2/28/2015
Yes, this is authentic Buckwheat Honey. Do I need to say more??
Reviewed by: Paul from Denver, CO. on 12/15/2014
Two thumbs up!
great product! we are regular/repeat customers.
Reviewed by: C McCormick from NJ. on 9/8/2014
Honey lover
Traditional honey taste this is not. On the other hand one has grown very fond of the flavor and it bonds well with our buttered, home baked bread. We almost can't imagine our boiled egg breakfast without the combination.
Reviewed by: Dave from Wadsworth, Ohio. on 9/7/2014
This is our all time favorite as we sweeten all our recipes with honey only instead of sugar Thx a lot for high quality products and excellent customer service!
Reviewed by: Mother of 3 from Charleston SC. on 8/31/2014
After trying their sampler of raw honeys - all exceptional - buckwheat was one of my two favorites. This is not a generic tasting honey. This is not a honey for when you want to add a touch of sweetness. This is the honey to use in Earl Gray tea, as the malty tones stand up well with the bergamot. If you want a tea treat, make strong ginger tea with fresh ginger and sweeten with this honey. Oh, it came quickly and well packed. My first larger order did crystalize after four months, and so I put it into a 120F water bath, and it smoothed right out. It tasted a tad different, but was still lovely.
Reviewed by: Kilioopu from Washington, DC. on 8/10/2014
I love this honey, it reminds me of molasses but not as strong. Mixes great with tea. I'm thinking of substituting it for pancake syrup this weekend.
Reviewed by: cheryl from southgate mi. on 5/7/2014
Great Honey
I love this Buckwheat honey.
Reviewed by: JB from Ohio. on 5/1/2014
The Buckwheat honey is different than any honey I've ever tasted. It has a very intense flavor.
Reviewed by: Diane I from Fort Washington MD. on 3/2/2014
Buckwheat honey
delicious, deep earthy sweet taste!
Reviewed by: Jeff H. from Stow, OH. on 2/19/2014
I bought 2-2.5 lb jars of the raw buckwheat honey and LOVE it! It is slightly thicker than other honey. I use it every day in my coffee.
Reviewed by: Michelle G. from home. on 2/16/2014
Raw buckwheat honey--delicious!
So happy to have raw buckwheat honey for my winter drinks! rich and deep
Reviewed by: Maggie N. from Montpelier, VT. on 2/9/2014
Go Bucks!
I did as you suggested and ordered an assortment. While each flavor is delicious the Buckwheat is my favorite and ill order a larger amount next time. Thanks for your great service
Reviewed by: Sandra L L. from Cleveland, Ohio. on 1/12/2014
Good stuff. Large containers last longer!
Reviewed by: Brian H. from Miamisburg, Ohio. on 12/29/2013
Love it! Being diabetic raw honey is the best sweetener recommended though honey has other great healthy values. I use this in my matcha tea every day and will use it in baking. I definitely will continue to buy it and other products in the future. Glad to have found you!
Reviewed by: Virginia Rebyak from Bear, DE. on 12/3/2013
Exceptional honey
This is the least expensive...and BEST...Buckwheat Honey I've ever bought. I gave my unused other brand honey away. There really is a significant taste difference.
Reviewed by: Marty P. from Upstate NY. on 11/13/2013
Buckwheat honey definitely has an unique taste. I use it with cinnamon to make a hearty afternoon 'tea.' I'm looking forward to testing its effects against the common cold and other winter time viruses.
Reviewed by: Bette W. from Byron NY. on 10/14/2013
I am so happy that I found ebeehoney. For I have wanted Buckwheat Honey for several years and I found that it is as good as I rememered and I will be back.
Reviewed by: T. Hunter from Tx.. on 9/15/2013
I've purchased the Buckwheat Honey for years and this is my first purchase of tge Raw Buckwheat Honey. The flavor is stronger and I don't have to use as much to put in my tea. It's really delicious by itself for a little kick in the morning. I recently found out that Buckwheat honey helps you fight colds and other common ailments!
Reviewed by: Marcella from Winter Garden, FL. on 7/10/2013
love buckwheat raw honey!
buckwheat hone is not for everyone because it has very special strong flavor, but it is on my favorite honey list! i love to buy it directly from beekeeper in raw condition, there is nothing better that raw honey. i am glad i found ebeehoney.com, now i have a source for my raw buckwheat honey, thank you!
Reviewed by: Galina from Miami. on 7/1/2013
Buckwheat Honey
A stronger flavored and more pungent honey -- just what I like.
Reviewed by: Ken J. from Omaha, NE. on 6/21/2013
Great Buckwheat honey
Let me start by saying, this honey is not for every one, it has a strong flavor and smell, it tastes a bit like molasses. I love it, my wife didn't. But over all it has a unique flavor and texture that you won't find with different honey types. If you are looking for higher antioxidants, this is the honey to go with. As other reviewers mentioned, it goes well with tea. I will be ordering more soon.
Reviewed by: jt from San Diego CA. on 4/24/2013
buckwheat honey
great product .. will order again
Reviewed by: janiece from columbus OH. on 3/19/2013
Buckwheat Honey Fan
I love buckwheat honey and I have to say that yours is tastier than the buckwheat honey I recently bought on a trip to Pennsylvania. I like dark honey and make buckwheat pancakes. Best of all is buckwheat honey in my tea (which is Scottish Breakfast). I guess I like the strong tastes.
Reviewed by: Lynn from Alexandria, VA. on 3/16/2013
great product
i love this honey you will not be sorry should you purchase this one..i have been back and will continue to come back the online service is perfect.
Reviewed by: mckay from new york. on 9/27/2012
Great for espresso
We use Buckwheat honey instead of turbinado sugar in our espresso coffees here. Much prefer Tupalo, Wildflower, etc. others for their taste on bread, etc. though.
Reviewed by: Bob A from Black Hills of South Dakota. on 11/18/2011


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