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5 lbs. Raw Goldenrod Honey
Goldenrod Honey is crystallized - you'll receive this white container of raw goldenrod honey. The other picture simply shows what it looks like.
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5 lbs. Raw Goldenrod Honey
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Raw Goldenrod Honey in a 5 pound container.

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Raw goldenrod honey in a 5 pound container. Raw honey has not been heated and simply filtered through a large mesh screen. The screen removes larger particles and allows pollen, propolis and beeswax particles to pass through it. Goldenrod honey has been described with a variety of color and taste descriptions. Our goldenrod honey is a light to medium honey in color and has a bit if a bite to it.

Our customers who buy this honey like it for their allergy issues since goldenrod honey is taken off very late in the season when goldenrod is primarily the only plant in bloom. Mead makers love it for making their batches of mead. This honey also granulates quickly.
This is raw honey, please read our honey description page to learn more.
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Customer Reviews
  I purchased this 5lb container of goldenrod honey to help with my allergies. I live very close to Ashland, OH where the honey is created so I figured it would help with my seasonal allergies. I can say that I believe after only 2 weeks my symptoms are significantly better. The only problem I have is I am getting low already! I take about 1TB of this honey in the morning and before I go to bed, then periodically throughout the day in my tea and/or coffee.
  Reviewed by:  Matthew from Mansfield, OH. on 2/3/2016
Delish! part 3
  Well this is the 4th or 5th different type of honey I've bought here and they're all good--each in its own way. They all taste great depending on how you want to 'mix & match' each of the different types. Oddly, different people will like one item over another. Goldenrod is better by itself than Star thisle (to me), but Star Thistle is superior with cream cheese. So while some honeys are better in some situations, others, such as goldenrod are better (to me) straight off the spoon. Guess it gives a whole new meaning to personal tastes.
  Reviewed by:  Charles S. from North Carolina. on 1/11/2016
Raw Goldenrod Honey hits a high note
  I fell in love with the flavour of goldenrod honey many years ago when I lived in the Cleveland, OH, area. I have been buying the raw goldenrod honey here for several years now because I feel that the flavour and quality of the honey here are simply the best. This honey has improved my allergy situation and I always have some whenever I am singing on stage (opera). The honey keeps the throat moisturised and the voice smooth. :)
  Reviewed by:  Haunani V. from Littleton. on 11/8/2015
  This is absolutely great stuff!
  Reviewed by:  Lucas M. from West Hills, CA. on 10/12/2015
The Best
  My favorite honey. I believed I don't like honey at all before I tasted the Goldenrod honey. Love it!
  Reviewed by:  Maria from Rockville, MD. on 9/27/2015
not my cup of tea
  This is the first time I am trying Goldenrod honey - perhaps just not my cup of tea. Arrived very liquidy with crystallized chunks. From what I read about Goldenrod honey, it crystallizes very fast and has a strong flavor. This one doesn't crystallize even after a month in the fridge, still crystallized chunks floating in liquid, and doesn't seem to thicken when cold. Never seen honey do that - unless it's not honey. Taste: it does indeed have a strong taste yet can't say it as pleasant as buckwheat, and there's a strong and edgy aftertaste that is usually associated with bees who have been on a sugar diet in winter, for me. Then again, maybe this honey is just not my cup of tea. Their buckwheat honey on the other hand crystallized fast and taste much better.
  Reviewed by:  Alex G. from Topanga CA. on 2/28/2015
  Wonderful flavor. Never had it before so didn't know what to expect. I love the smell and the flavor. Yeah I go get a spoonful often.
  Reviewed by:  Connie from Heath, Ohio. on 12/18/2014
Raw Goldenrod Honey
  I use this for goldenrod and September seasonal allergies. One teaspoon per day. I have noticed improvement. Also; my husband and I really like the taste.
  Reviewed by:  lauralee from Mystic CT. on 9/1/2014
5lb raw goldenrod honey
  I have ordered my SECOND five lb tub of this honey. My husband loves it in his morning tea. After eating store bought honey for years, it no longer tastes good. This honey is top quality and I highly recommend it! Will be ordering more.
  Reviewed by:  christine b. from hubbard, ohio. on 6/26/2014
  I have me more than almost a GULP everyday ..this is awesome!
  Reviewed by:  Todd K. from Crown Point, IN. on 6/14/2014
  Love the goldenrod honey. During allergy season I believe it helps keep the hay fever at bay. The rest of the family suffers more, but they aren't making sure to have some raw honey each day. I started putting some in a green smoothie for my son, and his allergies have improved. Oh yeah, it's rich and delicious too!
  Reviewed by:  Ed! from Ohio. on 9/30/2013
  This is GREAT honey. It is especially nice in sweetening baked goods. I suspect it would make wonderful pancakes and waffles too. It's flavor is sweet but not cloying and very distinctive. The flavor comes through in the final baked product. Lovely in tea as well. Superb to eat by the spoonful. MMMMM...
  Reviewed by:  Lenore from Virginia. on 9/2/2013
Raw goldenrod honey
  It's one of the best raw honey I tasted!Now I'm one of your best costumers.Keep up the good quality honey.
  Reviewed by:  MARCIANA SUANDING from New York. on 8/3/2013
Moon Tea Lover
  A little goes a long way with the Goldenrod honey. It usually takes me about a pound or so before I figure out how not to over sweeten with this honey. I love bee-ing able to get raw honey from a local source.
  Reviewed by:  Gary from Medina County, Ohio. on 7/17/2013
More IS better!
  I have been addicted to raw Goldenrod honey for years. I finally figured out that my problem was in not ordering enough of this heavenly substance, so I upgraded to the 5 lb. container. If my addiction continues unabated, I will eventually upgrade to the gallon size! Raw Goldenrod honey had an earthy, almost spicy flavour that tingles all of the senses. Treat yourself to some ASAP!
  Reviewed by:  Viktoria R. Medicine Elk from Littleton, Colorado. on 7/9/2013
tea lover
  I've been ordering honey via Ebeehoney for years now, simply because they are the best !! My current favorite is raw Goldenrod. How much do I like it ? I just ordered 15 lbs !
  Reviewed by:  Reggie from Washington. on 7/6/2013
Office Manager
  We have been ordering raw honey from eBeeHoney for several years now. We have totally eliminated allergy medication from our lives. We have been able to keep our seasonal allergies under control stictly by using local raw honey. We are very pleased with the results. We only wish that UPS shipping and handling weren't so costly.
  Reviewed by:  Deborah Kemp from Ashland, OH. on 7/1/2013
  great flavor love raw honey
  Reviewed by:  joanne d from mansfield,ma. on 3/17/2013


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