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1 Gallon Raw Goldenrod Honey - 12 pounds
Raw Goldenrod is crystallized - will crystallize within just a couple of days of coming off the hives.
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1 Gallon Raw Goldenrod Honey - 12 pounds
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Raw Goldenrod Honey in a 1 gallon container

12 pounds of honey

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Raw goldenrod honey in a 1 gallon container which is 12 pounds of honey. Raw honey has not been heated and simply filtered through a large mesh screen. The screen removes larger particles and allows pollen, propolis and beeswax particles to pass through it. Goldenrod honey has been described with a variety of color and taste descriptions. Our goldenrod honey is a light to medium honey in color and has a bit if a bite to it.

Our customers who buy this honey like it for their allergy issues since goldenrod honey is taken off very late in the season when goldenrod is primarily the only plant in bloom. Mead makers love it for making their batches of mead. This honey also granulates quickly.

This is raw honey, please read our honey description page to learn more.
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Customer Reviews
Best Quality, Taste and Value
  We are a honey loving family and have tried many, many variety of honey and have come to a conclusion that our favorite is the raw Goldenrod Honey. Very healthy and delicious. Our favorite usage is making a simple Honey Tea with the Goldenrod. Add hot water with a splash of milk or lemon and is healthy and delicious! Thank you ebeehoney!
  Reviewed by:  Alisa from New Jersey. on 9/1/2015
Love It !
  Great taste and still pour-able for decanting. Just in time for the onset of goldenrod pollen season allergy attacks. Yes, even in Brooklyn! Just mixed a batch to brew into vinegar. Superb in pickles, marinade and shrub.
  Reviewed by:  Hank W. from Brooklyn NY. on 8/8/2015
  Best Honey Ever - Raw Goldenrod Honey - Every time I taste it, it reminds me of the Honey my Dad had in a honeycomb in a drawer at home when I was a kid !!!! Just like a song makes you think of past memories, this honey makes me think about being in our kitchen as a little girl !!! I will never buy any other kind !! I do hope you never run out of it. So glad I found this site. Have been looking for this special honey for years !!! My father-in-law had bees, and he kept us in this honey for years, but he passed away at 92 yrs old, a few years ago. So, with him, the honey was gone too !!! Thank you so very much !! Keep up the great work !!!!
  Reviewed by:  Eileen M. from Ashville, Pa. on 6/13/2015
  WE LOVE THESE GALLON JARS! we have tried several varieties of your raw honey in this size because they are all so wonderful and get used up quick around here!! I used to spend a fortune and create much more waste going through small jars so often. THANK YOU! :) Big fans here in MD.
  Reviewed by:  Julie B from MD. on 3/20/2015
  This is a great honey with delisious taste and aroma. Thanks ebeehoney for the great product and service.
  Reviewed by:  Miron L from Virginia. on 12/22/2014
Very happy with Ebeehoney
  We will be using this goldenrod honey for mead. Always happy with Ebeehoney.
  Reviewed by:  K Circle from Columbus, Ohio. on 12/18/2014
Excellent Honey!!
  I've been making mead for several years now and have tried several different verieties of honey from different apiaries around the country. Although I haven't yet made the mead with this particular goldenrod honey, it has a very robust flavor that surpasses others I've tried, and I'm sure will transfer to the honey wine! High quality varietal honey tends to be difficult to find for a good price and these guys were spot on. I look forward to doing more business with them!
  Reviewed by:  Anne from North Carolina. on 11/22/2014
Goldenrod Hoeny is Golden
  Excellent honey. Can't get any better then that. Will order again.
  Reviewed by:  Ilya from Putnam Valley. on 8/12/2014
Great for Mead
  This was exactly what I needed to make a 5 gallon batch of mead. High quality and easy to work with. Fast delivery and friendly customer service, I will be using eBeeHoney for all of my honey needs.
  Reviewed by:  Huck from Carrollton, OH. on 7/7/2014
  Love this honey!! I have tried several different kinds of the raw honey and been happy with every one. Very fast service and always pleasant. Highly recommended
  Reviewed by:  Jeanine from Lakewood, oh. on 5/20/2014
Gorgeous Honey
  I grew up eating Goldenrod Honey, so was thrilled to find it, and in a large quantity! I am incredibly happy not only with the honey, but with the customer service, the price, and the fast shipping! I will be back!
  Reviewed by:  laura from RI. on 4/25/2014
  This is the second gallon I've ordered of Goldenrod. It is very clean and almost looks like it's been spun or creamed in it's crystallized state. It is consistent to the bottom of the jar. I'm very satisfied with color, texture and taste.
  Reviewed by:  Ran C. from Chantilly, Virginia. on 1/27/2014
Mask-Maker to the Human & Fairy Realms
  Raw goldenrod is a honey I will order each year. I use it personally to help with allergy issues; mainly in teas that have cooled -so as not to damage the enzyme activity. I love the flavor, a little stronger than some, not overpowering though, it is one of my favorites! Since goldenrod grows all over, as with other flowers and plants, I don't care so much about "local" honey, just that it is from a good reliable source and is the "real deal" -as it is with eBee!
  Reviewed by:  Chris M. from K.C. MO., USA. on 12/9/2013
Nature's remedy!
  Excellent honey for taste and quality. We attribute eating golden rod honey to helping me build my immune system in fighting allergies. Thank you.
  Reviewed by:  jdquilt from Bergen NY. on 12/6/2013
Awesome Honey
  Fast shipping, great packaging. Using for long term food storage but I'm sure that the quality is just as good as the service.
  Reviewed by:  Jake B. from Illinois, USA. on 10/6/2013
  Love honey and usually buy locally nut way too expensive for bulk. This was raw and delicious. It's currently sitting in a jug with 5 gallons of water and 4 oz of ginger root fermenting away formy first barch of mead. Got s reccommendation to this site from a brew forum and boy these folks don't disappoint. Couldn't be happier with taste and delivery timeframe. Amazing.
  Reviewed by:  Matt P from Rhode Island. on 9/19/2013
i love this honey
  I first tried this honey from a local bee farm. I love how quick it crystallizes. This has become a family favorite.
  Reviewed by:  abdulwali brownstein from new jersey. on 6/19/2013
raw honey
  Great quality raw honey, ive tried most varieties and have not been disappointed yet. Honey has fast shipping, usually comes within a day or two.
  Reviewed by:  shilah from Wickliffe. on 3/17/2013
  I am getting my honey only from these guys and I enjoy raw unprocessed Goldenrod Honey - 12 pounds jar. Service is very good, friendly, and professional. Do not believe I would find better honey then from this company. Thank you.
  Reviewed by:  Valery G. from Brooklyn, NY. on 12/31/2012


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