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6 oz. Raw Star Thistle
Crystallized Raw Star Thistle Honey
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6 oz. Raw Star Thistle
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Raw Star Thistle Honey in a 6 oz. jar

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Raw Star Thistle honey in a 6 oz. jar. 

Raw honey has not been heated and simply filtered through a large mesh screen. The screen removes larger particles and allows pollen, propolis and beeswax particles to pass through it.

This honey is light gold in color and has a very mild and pleasing floral taste. May be the number 1 sought out honey in the U.S. (yes even more than clover). Takes a while to crystallize and makes a fantastic creamed honey. Comes from the Star Thistle plant which is actually a noxious weed. You've seen star thistle - comes in pruple, yellow, and red varieties and bees absolutely love it!

Star Thistle Honey originated in the Mediterranean from the yellow star thistle plant and migrated to the US in the mid nineteenth century. Considered a noxious weed by many, this star thistle clustered amongst thorns produces yellow star thistle honey, which is relished by honey enthusiasts. Beekeepers in California, Idaho, Michigan, Arizona, Oregon and Washington seek out fields of this knapweed because of the large amounts of star thistle honey that can be produced from this plant. The light amber nectar of the plant is highly desirable by bees and honey producers.

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Customer Reviews
Excellent for creamed honey
  I ordered this to try my hand at making creamed honey. So easy! It's already well on its way and it's only been a couple of days. Very good flavor - although every single honey. I've had so far has been excellent.
  Reviewed by:  Haydee D. from Tampa. on 2/9/2015
Owner and Operator of FRB
  A terrific honey. I ordered several from eBeeHoney and this was my favorite of the bunch. I'd rate it up in my top favorite 3 honey's I've ever had.
  Reviewed by:  Jason F. from Des Moines, Iowa. on 3/26/2014
Traditional Taste
  The taste of Raw Star Thistle honey can best be described as a strong traditional honey flavor, what your taste buds "remember" when thoughts of honey enter your mind.
  Reviewed by:  John B. from Cleveland. on 11/14/2013
raw star thistle honey
  I rreally like this honey and plan on ordering the larger size next time, as I order the smallest size at first. Very nice flavor with a floral scent.
  Reviewed by:  tony from marblehead. on 10/13/2013
Star Thistle Honey
  This was a new flavor for me. It is not a very strong flavor (like the bamboo or buckwheat) but it is still very tasty. I plan on ordering more of this flavor when I start running low.
  Reviewed by:  Alex M from Norfolk, VA. on 4/7/2013
Unique Taste
  At first when I tried this honey I was like that was strange. But then the more I ate it the more I really loved its unique taste that it might be the kind I buy a bigger bottle next time. Very good honey!
  Reviewed by:  Jim M. from Greenville, Pa.. on 3/14/2013

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