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5 lbs. Raw Wildflower Honey
Narrow Mouth Container
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5 lbs. Raw Wildflower Honey
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Raw Wldflower Honey in a 5 pound container. Right now we have both liquid and crystallized raw wildflower.

Crystallized honey will always come in a wide mouth container! Choose your options below.

Crystallized honey is always lighter in color than the liquid form.

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Product Description
Raw wildflower honey in a 5 pound container. Raw honey has not been heated and simply filtered through a large mesh screen. The screen removes larger particles and allows pollen, propolis and beeswax particles to pass through it. Wildflower honey is exactly what it sounds like.

Derived from a variety of wildflowers and plants which are blooming during the summer months. It's a thicker honey and the taste varies from year to year based on what's in bloom. This honey has a delightful taste and is darker in color. Darker honey has more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties compared to lighter honey.

This is raw honey, please read our honey description page to learn more.
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Customer Reviews
Delicious, excellent quality...no more allergy meds.!
  My Physician suggested I try LOCAL honey to combat Spring/Summer allergies...SO GLAD I took his advice! After 2 years, a BIG difference during allergy season and meds. rarely needed! Customer Service is excellent, and I ENJOY this honey in a variety of ways: morning toast, tea, mixed with yogurt. DELICIOUS!!
  Reviewed by:  Pat from Ohio. on 2/12/2016
Great stuff
  This is some of the best honey ever. I will definitely order from you guys again. It shipped quick and I can't stop eating it, and some will be used for beer recipes if I can keep from eating it!
  Reviewed by:  NF from Il. on 12/30/2015
  I love the wildflower. I am just happy to get a local honey unheated. thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Connie from Heath, Ohio. on 11/1/2015
  The best honey! I buy it all the time.
  Reviewed by:  Terri from Garden City, MI.. on 7/26/2015
Raw Wildflower Honey - Wonderful Homemade Lemonade Honey
  Freshly squeezed Lemons with Raw Wildflower Honey is the perfect refreshment for Summer, Fall, and served warm in the Winter. Great Honey to use to kick the habit of sugar.
  Reviewed by:  Mia from Columbus, Ohio. on 5/8/2015
Sir GoodWill
  great awesome honey!! :-) The sweet sweetness of my life!
  Reviewed by:  vt from Columbus. on 4/3/2015
review of doing buiseness with ebeehoney.com products
  I have been buying honey from ebeehoney for 3 or 4 years now and couldn't be more pleased with both the product and the service. several times I made a mistake ordering and would get a call asking if I made the correct choice. Each time, they saved me both money, and time. They're great people to do business with.
  Reviewed by:  jeff gaal from cleveland ohio. on 3/22/2015
yummy in my tummy
  I use honey in all my baking (so much healthier) and this was the first time I bought this honey. It is perfect, sweet, good texture and very versatility. I love that you can get it in large quantity and will be ordering it again for sure.
  Reviewed by:  Kim from Illinois. on 2/23/2015
The Best Raw Honey!
  We have been purchasing e-bee's honey for a few years now and have tried 4 different varieties. We have found all of them to be of good quality, reasonably priced and of course very tasty! Our favorite for everyday eating and cooking is Raw Wildflower Honey. Not too sweet but full of flavor. We recommend e-Bee Honey to everyone that asks where we get our honey. That's a lot of people that like this honey:) Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Jeannie and Bob from Lakeville, NY. on 2/22/2015
Amazing honey!
  I am so glad I found your site! The raw wildflower honey is out of this world. I felt like Winnie the Pooh when I received the shipment, I could not stop eating it.
  Reviewed by:  Keri from Avon. on 1/27/2015
5lb honey
  Love this honey. We use this for tea and baking. Also use it as medicine by adding cinnamon and you have a great antibiotic that works well. I'm not a medical professional, but I've done my own research so please don't take as medical advice. The taste is wonderful. Shipping is fast. Fast response from owner. Recommended 100%
  Reviewed by:  Danielle from Berea ohio. on 11/23/2014
Great Taste
  I first started investigating honey products since one of my dogs has some type of allergy. I have tried many things to try and keep his diet as natural as possible. His breeder told me that she takes bee pollen for her allergies so my search began for other all natural ways to continue to help him. I decided to try a less aggressive route and start with the honey. Both my dogs love it!!! It has only been a few weeks and I am not sure if I can see any results with the honey since the season is coming to a close, but I know that he is scratching less I would like to believe that the honey is doing something. I wasn't sure on the products that bees produce so I called. The gentleman I spoke with was very helpful and provided me with lots of great information. After talking with him, I decided to order the 5 pound container and I am glad I did. My dogs are almost finished with the container with a small amount of help from the rest of my human family.
  Reviewed by:  Dee from Ohio. on 8/22/2014
Perennial Honey
  this is a pungent WILD taste and accent my fuit punch teas quite well> and great on pancakes!
  Reviewed by:  Todd K. from Crown Point, IN. on 6/14/2014
Me, Myself, I
  I have bought raw wildflower honey for years. I like it. It has a strong honey flavor. IF it contains wildflower pollen, it should help me develop resistance to those wildflower allergies.
  Reviewed by:  Glen S. from 6335 Maurer Rd., #217; Shawnee, KS 66217. on 5/10/2014
Not happy with wildflower honey
  I had purchased the wildflower honey in the past and since I liked the taste so much, I purchased two 5-pound containers this time. The picture on the website shows it as a nice dark color as I was used to. The container arrived and I was very disappointed that not only was the honey very light in color but also just sweet, not having the aromatic taste that I had expected. And of course it cannot be returned. I find it disappointing that the picture is misleading. In the future I would appreciate, if there was a description of taste and color of the honey as it is sold in this particular year. That way customers can make an informed choice or ask.

Reply: Patricia - crystallized honey is ALWAYS lighter than the liquid form - if you want to see - simply heat the honey a bit and you'll notice how dark it becomes when it is liquid. Crystallized picture is posted - also wildflower honey changes every year and then also can be different from various bee yards in the same year. That's why it's called wildflower - comes from a variety of floral sources and not single source (ie goldenrod) It's also been 2.5 years since you bought from us so it will not be the same, but it is excellent honey.

  Reviewed by:  Patricia from New Jersey. on 5/6/2014
So good it's MEDICINAL! Raw and pure.
  Really great honey, collected with care. Tastes great but more importantly is so GOOD FOR YOU! Price is also really great. I've checked around a lot and this a bargain. I have this shipped to Hawaii (at a very reasonable flat rate) and even just had some sent to a good friend in Pennsylvania. Thank you for all your good work.
  Reviewed by:  Laura W. from Honolulu, Hawaii. on 4/29/2014
The Best!
  As always, super top quality - absolutely delicious - you should see how fast I go thru this!
  Reviewed by:  D Reade from Western New York. on 4/13/2014
  Got my wildflower honey in the other day. It looked so good I had to eat a spoon full of it right then. It sure is the pure stuff. I got it in the mail really fast also. Thanks for the great service and products.
  Reviewed by:  Michael from Olive Hill, Ky.. on 4/3/2014
5 lbs. Raw Wildflower Honey is Delicious
  We couldn't wait to receive our wildflower honey and it lives up to our expectations. It's delicious in yogurt, on scones and perfect for our granola. I love the thick, dark flavor of this wildflower honey.
  Reviewed by:  Marilyn from Cleveland, Ohio. on 3/28/2014
Wonderful Ebee honey and the bees
  I thought I would try the wildflower this time. My five pound jar bought closer to Christmas went really fast because the kids were home for Christmas and they couldn't stay out of that jar of clover honey. I was gone by end of january. This wild flower honey is different and delicious. It is dark and thick and just wonderful. Always shipped quickly. i love the choice of container as I like the wide mouth. Thank you Ebee honey and yours bees too.
  Reviewed by:  Martha M. from Alexandria, VA. on 3/23/2014
5 lbs raw wildflower honey
  Because of its robust flavor and, reportedly, having more nutrients than lighter colored honeys, it is my preferred honey. I would recommend the liquid rather than the crystalized form, and the narrow mouth jars, so that the honey can be transferred easily to smaller glass jars, which allows for easier use. Also like the speedy delivery.
  Reviewed by:  aldo p. from Walpole MA. on 3/20/2014
Great Local Product!
  I purchased 10lbs of honey for a home-brew honeywine and it was exactly what I ordered. It came quickly and tasted delicious- ebeehoney just became my go to honey supplier!
  Reviewed by:  Rudy S. from Cleveland, Ohio. on 1/28/2014
wildflower raw
  Delivery was prompt. Honey is delicious. It's dark honey with rich flavor and thicker texture compared to store bought. I use it pretty much to sweeten anything and eat it by the spoon.
  Reviewed by:  Jackie from Pittsburgh, PA. on 12/18/2013
Can't Go Wrong!
  As always, a sensation for the taste buds. I use it on everything. Great tonic with ACV.
  Reviewed by:  Kenneth J. from Omaha, NE. on 12/1/2013
  We loved the Honey! I tried it from a friend and we loved it , service was great too! I will Love to try the the different kinds!😃
  Reviewed by:  Vera from Lake Orion. on 11/23/2013
Raw Wildflower Honey
  This honey is fantastic!! Delivery is always fast and accurate.
  Reviewed by:  Angela B. from Madison WI. on 11/14/2013
  Delisious raw honey! Arrived quickly in an easy-pour container. Love it.
  Reviewed by:  Martin from Bowling Green, OH. on 11/2/2013
Very Pleased
  I purchased the 5 lb tub after trying the sampler. I enjoyed the flavor of the Wildflower and since it is probably the darkest honey next to Buckwheat, contains a good amount of the best parts of raw honey.
  Reviewed by:  Matt H from Worthington, OH. on 10/28/2013
Wonderful Honey !
  We received our eBeeHoney recently ,,their service was prompt and the 5# jar of Wildflower Honey was JUST WONDERFUL. We can't wait for our next spoonful of this Golden Treasure. Yum! Johanne, Wellington OH.
  Reviewed by:  Johanne M. from Wellington OH. 44090. on 10/16/2013
  Got this in larger quantity this time around. The honey is delicious and great for every day use. The wide mouth jar makes getting it out a snap!
  Reviewed by:  Sheila from Uniontown, PA. on 10/4/2013
Cannot Do Better
  This raw wildflower honey is a rich, dark color that attests to its pleasant sweetness and strong nutritional benefits. The 5 lb plastic bottle is very convenient. From it, I have filled a 2 lb glass jar for everyday use. Give this marvelous honey a try.
  Reviewed by:  Peter K. from Ashburn, VA. on 10/2/2013
  excellent, good honey, good prices, good service.
  Reviewed by:  pete from ny. on 9/15/2013
  Excellent quality and service. The only place I buy my raw honey
  Reviewed by:  James G. from Westlake. on 9/8/2013
Simply the Best Honey
  I've been purchasing Wildflower Honey for a few years now from eBeeHoney and wouldn't purchase honey from anywhere else, not even from by best friends bee hives.
  Reviewed by:  William K. from Wyoming, MI. on 8/29/2013
raw wildflower honey
  I've ordered and reordered this honey for several years and haven't found a better wildflower honey anywhere!
  Reviewed by:  michael from pennsylvania. on 8/16/2013
  I purchased your wildflower honey for 4 generations of my family. From my mom down to my grandaughter... We are hooked! Wonderful honey from a wonderful family company. You simply can't beat that!!
  Reviewed by:  Patricia G. from Toledo, OH. on 7/28/2013
Best wildflower Honey
  This is one of the best honey I ever tasted. I used to be a bee keeper before back home (grew up eating honey since I was 1 year old), and I can tell this is the best honey i ever had in USA. I live in California, and I have tried different local honey from different local bee keepers, but none was as good as this one. I have also tried the ones they sell at different grocery stores (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, vons...), but none was as good as this one. Don't go to grocery stores and buy your honey, it doesn't match the quality and taste i had found with this raw wildflower honey. I will be ordering more and more from ebeehoney. I love this honey. Next time i will be buying the 5 gallons :)
  Reviewed by:  jt from San Diego CA. on 4/24/2013
  Excellent quality honey
  Reviewed by:  Sergei from Pocono, PA. on 4/2/2013
  Was very impressed with speed of delivery. Love the taste and quality. Honey is rich and dark, full of flavor!
  Reviewed by:  Megan from Greenwood, Indiana. on 3/26/2013
  I vary my choices of honey among 4 types with wildflower being one of those. I rate it highly because of its great taste and its health benefits. I consume most of my honey with hot tea, and wildflower fills the bill nicely. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
  Reviewed by:  Pete O. from columbus, in. on 3/25/2013
Head chicken keeper and grower of stuff
  My experience with ebeehoney was top notch from start to finish. The order process was super easy, their customer service was so great that they made sure to call to double check the address (it's in rural Texas so the address doesn't come up in a regular search). The honey arrived in a timely manner and was delicious. In a time when you're not sure who you're dealing with or whether what you have is "the real deal", its do nice to know that you can still support a local business doing their jobs with integrity.
  Reviewed by:  Victoria S. from Texas. on 3/25/2013
Raw Wildflower Honer
  Love this stuff
  Reviewed by:  Robert O. from L'Anse Mi. on 3/21/2013
Raw Wildflower Honey
  For years I bought honey from the grocery stores, until I decided to put in a search for honey suppliers and your site came up. I realized very quickly how much better (my favorite) Raw Wildflower honey tastes compared to store honey. Thank you for the fine service. You have a life long customer.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Binghamton, NY. on 3/18/2013
Delicious Honey!!!
  Excellent customer service and fast shipping....the honey is fantastic also!!! Can''t wait to buy more!!!
  Reviewed by:  Joe from Dayton, Ohio. on 3/16/2013
  Service and delivery are EXCELLENT! The Wildflower honey is the best I have ever had. Keep up the good work BEEHONEY.
  Reviewed by:  BRIAN S. from Cleveland, Ohio. on 3/14/2013


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