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Royal Jelly 1 Pound
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Royal Jelly 1 Pound
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Fresh frozen royal jelly in 16 oz. (1 lb.) bag

Please see shipping requirement below!

You will have to select either UPS ground or UPS 2 day air as your shipment choice when you are checking out depending where you live - scroll down page to see shipping info

Do not select priority mail as your shipment choice as your order will be cancelled. This product is perisable and the post office can't guarantee a timely delivery!

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Product Description

Fresh frozen royal jelly in a 16 oz. bag - 1 pound. Please note shipping below so your order is not delayed!

The royal jelly with be shipped within a cooler. When you receive your royal jelly place it in your refrigerator or freezer. Royal jelly will be good for 1 year in the refrigerator or 2 years in the freezer. If you get a large amount of royal jelly, we suggest placing a smaller amount in the refrigerator and the rest in the freezer.

Royal Jelly Shipping: Royal Jelly needs to be shipped so it's delivered within 2 days of us shipping it. We ship royal jelly frozen with an ice pack and in a cooler so there is no chance that in 48 hrs it can spoil. There is simply not enough time between when it left here frozen, having to thaw and arrive for any spoilage to occur. We do not expect the royal jelly to be frozen when it arrives to you.

Extended times at room temperature or higher does slowly decrease the beneficial properties of royal jelly, but certainly nothing noticeable in 48 hrs. Royal jelly is fed to the queen and larvae at about 93 F, and may remain there for over 24 hours before being consumed. Royal Jelly by it's very nature is very tart tasting.

Please Note Shipping Requirements!

Following states you can select UPS Ground as your shipping option: AL, CT, DC, DE, IA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, VT, WI, or WV.

If you live in the following states you NEED to select UPS 2 Day Air as your shipping option if you are buying royal jelly. AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, ID, KS, LA, ME, MO, MS, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, TX, UT, WA, AND WY.

We will not ship Royal Jelly orders out via the post office! Royal Jelly needs to be received within 2 days of us shipping the product as we ship the royal jelly within a cooler. We will only ship Royal Jelly Monday thru Wednesday.

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Customer Reviews
Love this Honey
  I have been using the eBeeHoney for the past two weeks. I'm waiting for results, but I feel the difference already in terms of my energy! I been recommending it to my friends. Definitely a returning customer. Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Adel from Burbank, IL. on 11/11/2015
Royal jelly
  Everything is great, good quality product and good services, I will be back to phurchase next time.
  Reviewed by:  Laura from California. on 10/7/2015
  I've been purchasing my Royal Jelly from eBeehoney for almost 3 years. Never disappointed! My husband even takes it! Definitely a superfood I cannot go without!
  Reviewed by:  Christina from Illinois. on 9/12/2015
Royal Jelly
  Glenn, Have been using your Royal Jelly now for approximately one week and a few days. I work out three days per week for one hour high heart rate aerobic and then weight training. I find that I have more energy as well as a clearer head since taking the product. The taste is not all that bad, but the Locust honey that I ordered surely makes anything taste sweet. I LOVE that Locust Honey!!! I will be returning to purchase more of the RJ in the future. Richard
  Reviewed by:  Richard from Fairview Heights, Illinois. on 9/5/2015
Satisfied customer
  I read about royal jelly and it's benefits,so i researched and found that eBeeHoney to be not only the best, price around,but the best and potent product around. I've been taking eBeeHoney royal jelly for two weeks now and feel revitalized and just plain healthier.Great product at a great price. Keep up the great work eBeeHoney! A++++
  Reviewed by:  Todd from Akron, Ohio. on 8/16/2015
The best royal honey
  If your looking for a great way to optimize your health you found a great product in ebee royal honey. I've been taking ebee Royal honey for over 2 months now and I feel great, I play hockey and usually the next day suffer from some joint irritation or stiffness, Royal jelly has helped ( along with clean living) to eliviate these symptoms. Don't be mislead about the other Royal jelly products out there, ebee has the purest form out there. Thank you ebee.
  Reviewed by:  James K. from 1512 Crafton way, Raleigh , nc 27607. on 8/13/2015
Royal Jelly
  My husband has some serious health issues due to an infection on his spine after a routine surgery. He is left with weakness and severe pain and fatigue. We researched Royal Jelly and also found that not all Royal Jelly is the same. EBeeHoney has helped my husband with his fatigue and just making him feel generally better! Great customer service and shipping of the product is done so that you receive your item fresh and as described! We're very happy with EBeeHoney and the quality of their Royal Jelly.
  Reviewed by:  Chris N. from Illinois. on 7/7/2015
Great Product and Service!
  They take great care to insure that this product is shipped fresh and fast. Great customer service and communication and the product is fresh (and potent!).
  Reviewed by:  Charise from Wallingford, CT. on 6/9/2015
  great product, the shipping came on time in a solid form container with ice gel pack. Royal Jelly did not taste as bad as I remember, it is actutually sweet in you sweet first, then the sour milk taste keep in with a little kick at the end. I will recommend to my friends and families.
  Reviewed by:  michael K. from paramus NJ. on 4/27/2015
Royal Jelly purchase
  Exceptional service and quality.
  Reviewed by:  Alex from Wood Dale, Illinois. on 4/18/2015
  I read that Royal Jelly was a known testosterone booster so I have given it a try and I have noticed an immediate difference.
  Reviewed by:  Mark from Bothell , WA.. on 2/1/2015
Exellent for skin ,nails and hair
  I can tell you. It works! I bought 2 small bottles of fresh organic royal jelly in France and I wanted to get more in USA but I did not find it. I recently searched online and i found your website. I had dark spots on my face and after 3 weeks of daily use in the morning, they disappeared. Thank you for your product. I recommended my friends to ebeehoney and they already ordered your stuffs.
  Reviewed by:  Raymond from Dallas. on 11/23/2014
Owner of K& W Apiary
  This is excellent product and price works for my queen rearing operation.
  Reviewed by:  Karen W. from Jacksonville, Florida. on 11/3/2014
  I ordered one pound fresh royal jelly. It arrived within 2 days and packed with icy bags. Delivery fast and arrived well. I took it for one week already and; the quality is really good. I will continue buy from this store and recommend it to my friends.
  Reviewed by:  JENNY from NEW JERSEY. on 10/21/2014
Arrived on time
  Ordered for the first time. Packing is good but it's not cool anymore when I opened. I don't like the taste but as long as it good for health so why not. Only a tea spoon every morning.
  Reviewed by:  Aellyberry from Boston. on 6/21/2014
premium product
  Very happy with the high quality royal jelly. Also, recommend taking it with honey as it is potent. I will definitely buy from eBee again!
  Reviewed by:  carol from california. on 3/2/2014
royal jelly
  Great service my order arrived on time and fresh on 2 day shipping I recommend to all my friends and and family Thanks ebeehoney
  Reviewed by:  luis t. from texas. on 2/16/2014
Great product
  I got my order as promised, very well packed. The Royal Jelly is fresh and I am very happy with my order. It's the first time I'm taking and I hope it helps to nourish my nervous and immune system. After my first 10 days of taking Royal Jelly I can say that my skin is wonderful as never been before.
  Reviewed by:  Dri from MA. on 12/31/2013
Royal Jelly
  Ordered Royal Jelly for the first time. Arrived safe cold and happy in a little cooler. As instructed, put some in freezer and keep small jar in the fridge. I started to take Royal Jelly every morning, 1/4 of a tsp under tongue. I hope it will help my overall health. Taste is awkward, but no problem to taking it if you treat it as a medicine, not as honey. The price at Ebeehoney is the best I found for this product.
  Reviewed by:  Lana from Herndon, Virginia. on 11/5/2013
  Dear eBeeHoney, I got my order as promised and the Royal Jelly tastes really good. It is fresh and I am very happy with my order. I am waiting to see the result from taking it daily and will refer to friends.
  Reviewed by:  Thuy-Linh B. from WA. on 10/15/2013
  It's really pure and good quality, love it and has been a loyal customer. Only issue is how to keep the bag cool for 3 days delivery process. When the bag arrived it's not that cool anymore, but I really like the product and service I received.
  Reviewed by:  Joanna from Falls Church Va. on 9/9/2013
  Packing is good. My order got here safe and sound. excellent email communications, fast, friendly and customer oriented. The royal jelly is great. Tastes just like what I remember how it should be. Will order again.
  Reviewed by:  Michelle from Dallas. on 7/13/2013
Royal Perfection
  It does not get any better than this, folks! I eat a teaspoon a day to nourish the brain and nervous system.
  Reviewed by:  Chris Hinners from Austin, TX. on 6/9/2013
  Very good. They delivered the jelly in very good shape and fast ship. We've been taking it since the past winter. As far as I searched the internet, so far, this is the best website to buy royal jelly.
  Reviewed by:  DD from NC. on 3/25/2013
  The Ebeehoney royal jelly is so far the best of its kind I have taken. I've been using royal jelly from other brand for about 2 years, and I can confidently say that Ebeehoney royal jelly is much better; the aroma, taste and color.
  Reviewed by:  Henry Keem from Chicago Illinois. on 3/22/2013
Regular buyer
  Hi, I always buy royal jelly from EbeeHoney.com and very happy with the purchases.
  Reviewed by:  Alona from New Jersey. on 3/15/2013
  I ordered it 1 month ago. We eat with my husband for 1/4 teaspoon of this product every day. I hope it will help to us.. Taste is good )))) Be healthy)))
  Reviewed by:  Olga from Miramar, FL. on 10/8/2012