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5 lbs. Wildflower Honey
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5 lbs. Wildflower Honey
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Wildflower Honey in a 5 pound container. This honey has been heated and filtered. If you wish raw honey, click on the "raw honey" link.
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Wildflower honey in a 5 pound container. Wildflower honey is exactly what it sounds like. Derived from a variety of wildflowers and plants which are blooming during the summer months. It's a thicker honey and the taste varies from year to year based on what's in bloom. This honey has a delightful taste and is darker in color. Darker honey has more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties compared to lighter honey.
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Customer Reviews
Bulk wildflower
  I am a tea drinker and have four cups every day. The wildflower adds a deep exotic flavor enhancer of black and green teas. Ebee has had great service and prices. Buying bulk supplys me for several months.
  Reviewed by:  Doug Hartgraves from California. on 9/13/2013
Homeowner / former beekeeper / retired firefighter
  All wildflower honeys are not created equal. This honey is one of the best to be found. I am a former beekeeper and I appreciate a high quality blend of wildflowers with no overbearing taste. Thanks for the care you take in producing this honey.
  Reviewed by:  Lawrence J. from Conyers, Georgia. on 3/10/2013
Wedding favors
  We bought this along with the 1 gallon jug to make our wedding favors. It had a wonderful taste and everyone loved it. I won''t be able to buy store bought honey again.
  Reviewed by:  Becky M from Wooster, Ohio. on 3/10/2013
  The wildflower honey is so delicious!It has a rich unforgettable taste,I can eat it just by itself.It has summer noon air aroma and brings up memories from childhood,when I spent vacations at a countryside.It is pleasantly sweet,perfectly thick and at the same time you can pour it easily from the jar.Highly recommended!
  Reviewed by:  Andrey E. from CT. on 4/28/2012


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