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Wildflower Honey Stix
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Wildflower Honey Stix
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Wildflower honey sticks (also known as honey straws or stix) are filled with wildflower honey. These are ideal for using in tea, coffee, energy boosts during exercise activities.

Below pricing is for single variety only - no mix and match.

10 stix = $2.00
100 stix = $15.00
100 stix w/ container = $17.50
1000 stix = $115.00
2000 stix = $215.00

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Product Description
The honey straws are 6.5" long.

Wildflower Honey Sticks (also know as honey stix or honey straws) are 100% natural, Grade A wildflower honey, packed in straws. To open them, just bite or clip the heat seal at one end, and then just squeeze the honey into your mouth.

Wildflower honey sticks are certified Kosher. Kosher certification is by the Orthodox Union - Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America, New York.

Also known as "multifloral" or "mixed floral" honey, Wildflower is often used to describe honey varieties from miscellaneous and undefined flower sources. Its color can vary from very light to dark and flavor range from light and fruity to tangy and rich, depending on the mix from the different seasonal wildflowers.

To read about the honey straws - visit our honey straw description page:

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Customer Reviews
Deep, complex flavor
  This wildflower is a deep, rich flavored honey. We had these at a holiday bazaar and they were an instant hit. It is hard to find wildflower this good in honey stix. Mostly you find clover. We'll be ordering more.
  Reviewed by:  Debbie from Colorado. on 11/17/2015
  We have ordered the wildflower honey stix in the past to share with our congregation members for Rosh Hashanah. We are planning to do so again this year. Our members look forward to this special treat.
  Reviewed by:  Beth L. from Joliet, IL. on 9/3/2015
Honey Stix
  Wildflower Honey Stix. Tasted it with my family and everybody loves it. It is as thick as if you are scooping it from a jar full of honey. I recommended your company to my family and friends who would like to order in jars or stix. The rest of the stix will be use for our special occasion and for sure will be mentioning your online company too.
  Reviewed by:  Eloisa from San Mateo. on 7/23/2015
honey stix
  Good flavor!
  Reviewed by:  Teresa from TX 76053. on 7/15/2015
Wedding Favors
  I purchased honey stix for my wedding. They look super cute with two tied together with a little bow. Perfect wedding favors!
  Reviewed by:  Jenni H. from Wichita, KS. on 7/8/2015
Our student visitors love this honey!
  Our farm runs a workshop for school groups about honeybees. These honey sticks make a great treat for our visiting students, and also help them get a taste of the amazing power of bees!
  Reviewed by:  Ali from Queens, NY. on 3/18/2015
honey stix
  The honey stix are great, easy and convenient for a quick sweet snack, my kids love the taste and easy of biting the straw and getting the sweet honey. Very convenient to throw in my purse for on the go. They also help with a sore throat and cough. Would recommend to anyone wanting a good honey. Shipping was fast. Love to support homegrown retailers.
  Reviewed by:  Danielle from Berea ohio. on 11/23/2014
  My daughter took all of these to her college dorm yesterday. Today she called and asked for more. Apparently, her fellow students took a particular delight to these stix as a late night snack.
  Reviewed by:  Marjorie S. from Lacey, WA. on 9/6/2014
My family loves these
  I keep these honey stix by the front entry in a pretty straw dispenser. It's a great alternative to candy and it's easy to grab one as you head out the door! Visitors can easily help themselves to one and all think they are very tasty.
  Reviewed by:  joyce from Southern Calif. on 1/27/2014
Perfect wedding favors!
  We used these, along with Clover and Orange Blossom, to create our wedding favors. We tied little bundles of each with a pretty ribbon to place at each seat. Rave reviews from friends and family!
  Reviewed by:  Jillian from Raleigh, NC. on 5/22/2013
Harold's Honey
  Purchase wildflower honey stix. Excellent product, super taste, great quality product will order more.
  Reviewed by:  Harold Fruge from Long Beach, Ms. on 5/20/2013
  We keep coming back for more!! That is always a sign of a great product. The honey straw packaging is terrific for a cup of tea or quick sweet treat. But...the real winner is the wildflower honey. This stuff is delicious!! We love it . Thanks.
  Reviewed by:  Diane K. from Chicago, IL. on 3/11/2013
Convenient and Good!
  I looked everywhere locally and no one carries honey sticks. I wanted them for work to avoid the hassle and sticky mess that honey can leave if you spill. These are very good. I ordered several different sticks. I get Wildflower honey locally from the Eastern Sierras. They are different from the local wildflower honey I''m accustomed to but they are definitely good.
  Reviewed by:  S Smith from California. on 2/9/2013
My favorite!
  I love these things! The honey tastes great and its nice to be able to put a few in my purse to sweeten up my day. :)
  Reviewed by:  Alexandra F. from Tennessee. on 12/15/2012


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