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We have 8 different honey varieties, 34 lip balm flavors, 32 honey straw varieties (flavors), and 21 soap choices! These gift ideas are just a small number of items we have available for any holiday season, special event, you name it. Some of these gift ideas even include FREE SHIPPING!

Kids LOVE honey straws and lip balms. Adults enjoy receiving honey gift packs where they can sample various honey varieties. It's amazing how bees are able to produce various honey varieties with such different tastes.

If you order the personalized lip balms, personalized soaps, or honey jars - we can do pretty much anything on the labels. The personalized items are a great addition to any event that you are planning!

The beeswax candles burn clean as we offer a variety of candles if you click on the "candle" link.

To keep your energy up for shopping - grab some honey candy!

So what are you waiting for?
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Lip Balm - Pick 12 plus White Display
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Chunk Honey<br/><font size=-1>6 oz. (nt. wt.)
Average Rating(10)
Out of stock - comb honey comes off the hives around the end of July
6 oz. Variety Pack - Get 6 Honey Varieties
Average Rating(10)
In Stock
Personalized Lip Balm Tubes 40 - 99 Tubes
Average Rating(24)
In Stock
Get all 33 Flavors of Lip Balm
Average Rating(22)
In Stock
Honey Candy - 1 lb.
Average Rating(19)
In Stock
Variety Pack - Pick 10 - 100 Total Sticks
Average Rating(110)
In Stock
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