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Lip Balm Filling Tray

If you make any amount of lip balm at all - you need a lip balm filling tray. These trays will hold 50 tubes (.15 oz. regular size tubes). These trays are sized for our lip balm tube manufacturer as all lip balm tubes vary slightly in size.

Make sure when you place the tubes into the trays - only press them in slightly to the very first small notch of the lip balm tube. They do not need to be pressed into the filling trays all the way.

All lip balm tubes has a small notch on them so when you place the cap onto the tube, the cap stays on. If you press the tubes into the trays all the way - you'll smash this notch and the caps won't stay on.

We've used these for years and they hold up great. You can wash them in a dishwasher time and again. If you make any amount of lip balm at all, you need trays!

Below is a link below which shows a demo on filling tubes using a lip balm fillling tray. I've also posted a picture on how far to push your tubes into the trays.

If you use filling trays, there will be a slight amount of lip balm left on the top of the tube - we simply leave the lip balm and cap them directly after using the filling tray.

These pictures show you what the tubes look like after being filled and also how to use the lip balm filling tray.
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