Propolis Tincture Now Available - we had been out of stock!

Propolis Tincture 75% Available

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New Website

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Chunk Honey getting low

Have sold out of comb honey and chunk honey getting low. Once we are sold out, that will be it until the 2019 crop which comes off late summer 2019.

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Glenn busy at work pouring more beeswax!

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Comb Honey and Chunk Honey

We are just about sold out of comb honey for this season - still have some chunk honey available. 

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Buckwheat Honey 2017 Crop is Ready!

Buckwheat Honey crop from 2017 is ready to go!

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Clover Honey off the Hives!

Just extracted clover honey and it's ready to go - will stay liquid for a couple months at best. So right now you can choose between liquid and crystallized honey.
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No Rain - No Apples

This year there was a lack of rain in central Ohio and you can now tell what this has affected. There are no apples or nuts on the trees. And not as many leaves falling from the trees. It will be interesting to see how this may affect the hives next Spring.
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U.S. Honey Bee Colonies Decimated in 2015

U.S, Honey Bees Decimated in 2015 According to new survey
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How to Spot Fake Honey

How to spot fake honey

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Comb Honey - Storage

How to store comb honey long term
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Great article on store bought honey! Must read article!

Food Policy & Law
Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey
Ultra-filtering Removes Pollen, Hides Honey Origins

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