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About Us:

Glenn started beekeeping full time after a friend passed away who had beehives and we started having way more honey than our friends and family could consume. Little did we know that this would become our full time business. Prior to this Glenn achieved a doctorate degree in Organic Chemistry and I have a degree in Biology. So prior to becoming full time beekeepers, Glenn was a chemist for years and I worked in the pharmaceutical field for 20 years.

Glenn became tired of driving so much for his work and we both didn't want to move to a large city and wanted to raise any children we had in a smaller community in the country. So Glenn started beekeeping full time, after 20 years I joined him and today we look back and think you never know where life will lead you.

Over the years, Glenn has been given awards for his Conservation Efforts and being a Steward of the Land. In 1990 he was given an award for "Conservation/Habitat Enhancement" for his efforts at converting our local closed landfill in Ashland County, OH into a native grassland prairie, with watchable wildlife. This involved writing the grants, many endless nights and weekends of planting and converting the landfill into what it has become today. Today, this park is known as Byers Woods.

Throughout the 1990's and early 2000's - Glenn planted hundreds of acres for residents of Ashland County; as well as, Pheasants
Forever into habitat suitable for a variety of wildlife. Planting all this acreage peaked his interest in bees and the vital role they play for all of us.

Glenn started noticing less and less bees around. When we were kids, bees were everywhere, so he became interested in beekeeping and it soon became his full time passion.
The beekeeping business is hard heavy work. However, watching bees at work is extraordinary and quite relaxing. Watching our bees in action on a warm sunny day while walking around our property trying to determine what they are drawn to is fun to do. Each year the taste of our honey varieties differs depending on what plants are producing the best pollen and nectar sources that year.

We have various beeyards and they all can produce different tasting varieties during the same season simply based on rainfall amount, other nectar sources blooming at the same time, etc.

About our farm:

Our farm is located in Ashland OH. We've been in the honey business for 19 years now with our website being created in early 2000. I created our 1st website by coding everything, today with software it's a bit easier. We both pack orders and all honey is filled by hand - no machines are used anywhere in the filling process! We do not have a physical store and all of our business is conducted online. This allows us time to maintain our beehives to produce honey and bee products. Glenn is typically out checking on the hives, catching bee swarms and extracting honey.

We extract honey throughout the year (late Spring through late Fall) to get the various types of honey.
Bees are amazing creatures and everyone should do a little research on the benefit that they provide to all of us.


If you need to contact us, the quickest way is by email as we are not always in during the day to answer phone calls. When we do come in sometimes late at night, it's easier to email folks as it's too late to call.

You can order online with a credit card or by sending us a check or money order. To send us a check or money order, simply add your items to the shopping cart and continue to checkout and follow the steps - you'll be able to print out your order and mail it to us.

We THANK YOU for your business and most of all the bees say THANKS as they do most of the work:) We just bottle their hard work into jars.

Glenn stresses to new beekeepers the importance of not using chemicals within their hives. We are always concerned with new beekeepers who are taught to use antibiotics and other things in their hives versus reading and speaking to other beekeepers in their local area. Keeping bees requires a lot of work as you simply can't place a hive somewhere in the Spring and then check on them in the Fall, it doesn't work that way. So if you are interested in keeping bees, start reading all the books you can, go to any local meetings and be prepared to learn everyday something new about your bees and hives!

Enjoy the Honey!

Glenn and Becky Magrum
P.O. Box 837
Ashland, OH 44805
Phone: 419-289-6701
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