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Candle Wicking


100% Cotton Square Braid wicking which is ideal for making beeswax candles.

We sell some wicking used for beeswax candle making. The candle wicking is a square braided, bleached cotton wick, structurally having a very open matrix and slight curl when burning to minimize carbon buildup. This wick is constructed of 100% natural fibers and designed for beeswax candles.

Its an excellent choice for waxes that are highly viscous when melted, like beeswax and vegetable wax. Square braided wicks were originally designed for Beeswax Candles but can be used in all types of wax.

5/0 Wick - 2/0 Wick - #1 Wick - #5 Wick

Here's an article that can help you determine what size wicking to buy.

We also have a few flex molds for candle making.

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Square Braid Cotton 5/0 Wicking, 50 Yards
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Square Braid Cotton 5/0 Wicking-Spool
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Square Braid Cotton #5 Wicking Spool
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Square Braid Cotton #1 Wicking Spool
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