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Candle Mold Pillar

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Candle Mold Pillar
Candle Mold Pillar
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This is the mold we used to make our candles when we made candles. The molds we are selling are used and still in great condition!

Due to the demand we are seeing now with beeswax, we have stopped making candles to concentrate on beeswax orders.

Finished candle size is 3-1/2" x 3". Requires 14 oz. of beeswax to make candle.

Product Description

This used mold makes a candle makes a pillar design. I will post a picture of a candle we have made with this mold.

Finished candle size is 
3-1/2" tall x  3" wideRequires 14 oz. of beeswax to make candle.

These flex-mold candle molds are the ideal way to make beeswax candles! It's the only molds we would personally use.

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