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Candle Molds

We are selling the candle molds we have used to make candles. These molds are called Candle Flex® Molds. Candle Flex® Molds are made from a durable rubber material that make finely detailed candles every time you use them! Ideal for making beeswax candles.

Some candles will come with a rubber band - after you pour your hot beeswax into the mold and let it cool - you take off the rubber band which allows you to open the mold a bit allowing you to take out your candle easily.
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Candle Mold Small Skep
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Candle Mold Bee Skep
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Diamond Cylinder Candle Mold
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Candle Mold Bee Design
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Candle Mold Honey Pot
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Candle Mold Large Skep
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