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Chunk Honey 36 oz. - Get Both

Product Code:302-1.5pints-both
Chunk Honey 36 oz. - Get Both
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Get both clover chunk honey and wildflower chunk honey. Both will be in pint and a half containers.

A chunk of comb honey in a pint and a half jar. The jar is then filled with raw honey.

Jars are very large and measure 6-3/4" tall and have a 3-1/4" diameter.

These make great gifts - please note that chunk honey is seasonal and once we sell out that will be it until Summer 2019.

Product Description

We make our pint and a half (36 oz.) chunk honey by cutting large chunks of comb honey (10-12 oz.) from the beehive. We then place this comb honey into a pint and half jar and pour raw honey over it. This is the way honey used to be sold years ago.

You will get 1 clover chunk honey (36 oz. nt. wt.) and 1 wildflower chunk honey (36 oz. nt. wt.)

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