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Chunk Honey 24 oz. - Get Both

Product Code:302-pints-both
Chunk Honey 24 oz. - Get Both
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Get both clover chunk honey and wildflower chunk honey. Both will be in pint containers.

A chunk of comb honey in a pint jar. The jar is then filled with raw honey.

These make great gifts - please note that chunk honey is seasonal and once we sell out that will be it until Summer 2019.

Product Description

We make our pint (24 oz.) chunk honey by cutting large chunks of comb honey (8-10 oz.) from the beehive. We then place this comb honey into a pint jar and pour raw honey over it. This is the way honey used to be sold years ago.

You will get 1 clover chunk honey (24 oz. nt. wt.) and 1 wildflower chunk honey (24 oz. nt. wt.)

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