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Comb Honey

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Honey Stick Choices: Comb honey weighing approx. 14 oz. - this is the last of the comb honey - once this is sold, no more until late Summer.
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These containers are 4" x 4".

Comb honey, also called honeycomb is the most natural honey you can buy - we cut the comb honey right off the wooden frames. Comb honey is taken directly from the hive just as the bees made it. People like knowing that nothing has been added or changed in the way the bees made it. We cut it by hand - no machines or heated knifes are used to remove it.

All the nutrients, flavor and other wonderful properties that honey provides in one container of comb honey. Kids also like to keep chewing on the beeswax just like chewing gum. Comb honey is what our grandparents grew up on and it's getting tougher to find beekeepers who produce comb honey.

You can actually freeze comb honey to keep it from crystallizing. Simply place the container of comb honey within a Ziploc freezer bag, then place it in your freezer. When you want to eat it remove from the freezer, thaw it and it will be fresh as the day we shipped it to you. We have customers who will order lots of comb honey for the upcoming holidays and give comb honey out as gifts.

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