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Comb Honey


Comb Honey

Picture of Clover Comb Honey

Comb Honey Update 7-25-2017:  We are looking at comb honey coming off the hives in 3 weeks or so - we've had a lot of rain this year so we are still waiting for the bees to draw out some comb in some hives while other hives just need to have the comb honey capped by the bees. You can click on any of the comb honey pictures below and then sign up to be put on the waiting list where you will be emailed once we have it in stock on the website.

Honey typically comes off the hives starting in July through late Fall.
Comb honey is straight from the hive! Comb honey is hard to find today since not many beekeepers produce comb honey. Depending how much we produce, we can be sold out in a couple of months or have enough until Christmas time, we never know.

Producing comb honey takes a lot more time preparing the hive(s) to produce it. The weather has be nice and hot to get the wax glands of the bees working and there has to be a very strong nectar flow at the same time.

Weather impacts the production of comb honey. Too much rain, no nectar, too little rain, no nectar - too cool and bees won't have their wax glands producing the wax needed to produce the comb. Lots of issues, so many beekeepers simply produce honey they can extract.

When comb honey is produced the comb honey has to be cut off the frames by hand which takes more time than spinning the honey off the frames. So finding comb honey is getting tougher and tougher due to the weather, amount of time and extra beehive equipment needed.

Some folks call it honeycomb - comb honey sells out pretty quickly and this year it's been a lot cooler and wet in parts of the Midwest so it's going to be a small crop this year. The drought in the West continues so even finding honey out West is challenging.

Comb Honey or Honeycomb

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Chunk Honey Pint Clover<br/> 24 oz. (nt. wt.)
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Out of stock - comb honey comes off the hives around the end of July
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