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Starting Sept. 2014 - comments are left as product reviews!  Each product has reviews, please read those for specific info on our products.     

As usual the order came as expected. You pack it so well, it is a pleasure to open the order and go through it. We shipped the complimentary honey comb out to our customers. We can't wait to use it as well. Thank You  Nancy F.  8-31-13

You guys were awesome. I procrastinated ordering, and you still got it to me on time. The labels were great, the honey tastes good. We will use you again in the future and recommend you to our friends. Thanks, Melissa T  8-9-13

Love the lip balms and ohhh the Tupelo honey is exquisite tasting. I have not opened the bamboo honey yet but I am sure it is as fine as the others I have had from this business. Several selections were other varieties that I had tried in the past and wanted more of! I am waiting to open the apple cider vinegar when I have more space available in my fridge to store it once opened. It looks like the real thing and can't wait to taste after I also use small amount remaining of existing AC vinegar. I am always drawn back to this honey web site for the best online selection of honey and lower prices than competitors, plus quality that has proven trustworthy each order. Great online honey company for authentic quality honey bee and related products - not too commercial and not too mom and poppy, just right!  Gail S.  8-9-13

We received the honey jars last week and they are perfect.  My fiancee and I loved them.  The honey is also really yummy.  Thank you so much for working with us on the artwork.  We really appreciate you and your company.  
Mari and David 6-28-13

Hi Glenn - We did receive the locust honey and as usually it is superb!!!!  This is Randy's favorite honey and was excited when it arrived.  He had run out of it.  Hope you and Rebecca are having a good year.  We are fine here in Kansas.  Thanks once again for the wonderful honey you always send us and hope your family is going well.  Jo Lynn and Randy D.  6-24-13

I received my order of specialized lip balm for my daughter's bridal shower and I am so VERY pleased with the product!!!! It is absolutely wonderful and cuter than I imagined! Your product made my day and I will definitely order from you again. The bridal shower is August 3, 2013 and I can't wait to hand these out to all the guests. The lip balm is going to be part of a party favor I am creating that each guest will receive. I would be happy to send you a picture of the finished product when I am done if you don't mind.  Thank you so much!  Veronika B. WI  6-24-13

I received my locust honey today and as I expected it is awesome. I know this has to be the nectar from above. Thanks again for informing me that you had this on hand and gave me a chance to buy some. I am very pleased. I do not have a facebook account so it will be hard to keep up with what you have going on and what honey you have available. Maybe I can send an email from time to time and ask.  
Many thanks again for the wonderful honey. I just love it in it's natural state of having pollen, propolis and wax in the honey. Pure and natural being the very best!  A very satisfied customer,  Jerald G.  6-17-13

This order was the quickest, most professionally handled order I have ever placed on line. I ordered the product and within 30 minutes I had received confirmation that you had received the order AND that the order had been shipped. I was very impressed. I was so pleased with the results I have told several people about your website and products. I have your website on my favorites list and WILL order from you again when the need arises. I ordered the honey sticks for our Vacation Bible School that will be in two weeks, so I have not used the product as of yet, but I know I am going to be satisfied. Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous service. Yvonne R. 5-21-13

These are the cutest little jars of honey ever! We have 180 of them ready to give to guests at our daughter's wedding and couldn't be happier with your product. Thanks for the quick turn-around . . . . we will definitely be return customers! Thank you! K. & R. Johnston 5-9-13

Received the honey the other day and I am so, so, so beyond happy with it! The labels are absolutely adorable, my sister is going to flip! Thank you for being so wonderful and easy to work with. I will definitely order from you in the future and recommend your site. All the best, Aimee 4-27-13

Hi Becky, The following is my clover honey review: Clover honey is my all around favorite honey, which I buy by the gallon several times a year. It has a wonderful, delicate sweet flavor, and is not overpowering. I use it instead of sugar for all my baking needs, as well as in fruit jams, and general cooking. Honey vinegar is our staple salad dressing with olive oil, and great on raw veg like carrot and celery sticks. I always have some in a squirt bottle which I use on all sorts of dishes, eggs, meat, rice, and so on. Along with clover honey, I always buy a dark honey, either bamboo, star thistle, or wild flower. They are all great. I give all of Glenn and Becky's honeys a 5 star rating. Theda and Barry CA

Glenn & Becky, My order arrived in fine shape, it took two days to transfer into quart jars. The wildflower was a wise choice, I am much impressed with your promptness and fine product. Will be sure to recommend you folks to others. Sincerely, Henry D. 3-22-13

Hi Becky, The honey jars are adorable. I did one sample jar with the label and it seemed easy to remove since, of course, I didn't get it on straight the 1st time. The honey jars are favors for my daughter-in-laws baby shower - the labels are cute and I added a pink ribbon around the top of the jar which finished them off. I opened one jar as a sample and kept it for myself ---- the honey was really great, so sweet! I called you after I got the honey --- I couldn't find the labels! Your husband told me they were in the envelope enclosed in the embarrassed. I was very happy is your personal phone contact during the ordering process and emails regarding the order. Thanks, Kathy 3-17-13

Glenn and Becky- I really appreciate your patience and promptness in filling my order on such short notice. The shipment arrived yesterday and the honey jars are just adorable! Thanks so very much! Gail 3-5-13

Just wanted to thank you for the orange blossom honey. It really takes me back. Years and years ago, before they built the Florida Turnpike, we used to drive through the Indian River country every year. There would be an indescribable smell in the air. The groves would have signs out, "Fresh orange juice. Free samples." We'd pull in, and they'd give each of us a little glass of juice (yeah, it was glass), knowing we'd have to buy another one. We'd get a big bag of navels to take with us in the car. And, maybe, if we were lucky, we'd get a jar of honey. Impossibly sweet, but with a distinctive citrus taste. I still remember that honey.  
Thanks for the memory! Hank S. 3-5-13

Hi Becky, The honey arrived in perfect condition. Also wanted to tell you that your customer service was excellent! I'll definitely keep you in mind for the next special occasion. Thank you! Kirsten S. 2-13-13

Hi Glenn and Becky, Just wanted to let you know that I just received my Buckwheat Honey a few minutes ago with no runs, no drips, and no errors. This looks to be a very fresh batch unlike that last one. It started to crystallize within a few days. No problem, I just placed it in a pot of water and heated it up slowly to break it down again is all. I love this honey! Thank you, Rick 2-8-13

Hello, I picked up the order today. The candles smell marvelous (really a lot better than anything I've used or encountered--even other beeswax candles). Thanks a bunch for all of your patience and service!
P.S. I'm so glad I was able to place an order with your store. It was the only one I saw that would ship to me and had a variety of colors. (The colors of different candles one burns are said to help when praying and asking for blessings.) Maurice 2-6-13

Thank you so much for the wonderful wax! I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future! Fondly, S Rose 2-5-13

Hi Becky, The honey has safely arrived. Thanks for the super quick and efficient service. Magnifico! :) Thanks! Cyryl 2-1-13

Got the order in yesterday and couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out! You guys are great at what you do and your prices can't be beat! I can not wait to give everyone their favors at the shower! You have gained a customer for life! Thanks Again! Laura 1-25-13

Hi Becky, I received my honey favor order yesterday and it's perfect! Thank you,Cathy 1-24-13

I got my beeswax in the mail and I've made my homemade lotion/body butter. I am so pleased with your beeswax- and the smell is absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for a great product. I will be using you in the future. A. Rush 1-7-13

I finally received my shipment and even though UPS messed around with it for a wasn't crystallized!! THANK YOU. I tore the box open, fished around for the honey, popped it open and drank nearly a cup before I unpacked the rest of my order. OMG, pure heaven! I haven't had keeper honey for years. I never bought honey online before, but I'm glad I took a chance on you guys! Store bought 'honey' is nasty. It reminds me of that brown mucilage glue - yuck. I won't use it. It's not real honey - I can see, taste, smell and tell the difference. Thank you for being honest and selling 100% real honey. Thank youfor using squeeze bottles with a large dispensing hole. Thank you for packaging my entire order so well. Thank you for the lovely soaps, I can't wait to use them. I'm recommending you to all my friends. Thank you sooooo much. I think I'm your happiest customer :) Lisa S. 1-4-13

I received my recent Honey / ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) order yesterday (THANK YOU!!) and have to say that your ACV is absolutely the BEST I've ever tasted !!! I've tried numerous times to use the Braggs ACV, but it's just too strong and I can't manage to drink it in an way, shape, or form, although I use it profusely for many other external purposes. I was very pleasantly surprised with the less-offensive taste of your ACV, especially when mixed with the Wildflower Raw Honey in Distilled Water for my daily morning ritual. It is MUCH easier to ingest and the taste is actually PLEASANT. :-)

I just want to THANK YOU for providing truly RAW honey. I have purchased raw honey from other sources, and when they don't crystallize, I am unsure of their honesty. When my honey crystalizes (as it SHOULD), I am delighted because I know I am truly purchasing RAW honey with all its added benefits. I will definitely be a repeat customer. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Janet 12-15-12

I ordered mini honey jars with labels recently for wedding facors, as well as beeswax candles. Thanks for the quick turnaround! Susan C. 12-13-12
Hi Becky! We received the honey jars, dippers, and labels yesterday. Thank you so much for all your help!! They look great and are so cute! =) Kate 10-25-12

Not a single day goes by when we don't appreciate your products. Your honey is the best! We tried the royal jelly - unbelievable! Thank you so much for your service, for your work, for taking care of customers in other states! Alana V. 9-28-12

Hello! I wanted to say thank you for our chapsticks WE LOVE THEM!!!!! Like always but these are super cute! Thanks so much! Amanda 9-17-12

I just wanted u to know why i became interested in buying authentic hoey--I am reading a book called the Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd In the book it mentions how beneficial honey is for so many things including insomnia,skin care, frizzy hera, ect. "august said honey was the ambrosia of the gods and the shampoo of the goddesses" I got my honeyproducys yesterday and i couldn't believe the difference in taste from the store bought honey--i also used it in my hair while iwas washing my hair--i look forward to experiencing all the wonderful benefits from honey--sincerely, Greta P 9-16-12

Hello Becky, I just wanted to thank you for the honey. It was delicious and everyone loved the favors. I hope that you do not mind but I am on a bridal/social forum and I gave your information to my friends. If there is anywhere that you would like me to recommend your company please let me know, I could not have been more satisfied. Dale G. 9-16-12

Order received and they are perfect for our bridal shower. Thank you. Patricia 9-13-12

I just received my order of the 4 ox hex jar party favors and I wanted to say thank you! I'm so appreciative of the extra touches you have on your site to help me make labels, and I love how quickly these got to me. You all are wonderful to work with -- thank you! Danielle 9-12-12

Hello Glen, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I received your shipment of the subject honey today via UPS about 3:15 PM. I opened the packed box and took both of the gallon honey containers out of the plastic bag and tried both of them. The Raw Tupelo honey was utterly delicious and the Raw Wildflower was very good and I like them both very much. Your wildflower honey was different than the wildflower honey I bought from ******** in Clarksville, GA but it was better tasting then the other one that I bought from ******** in Lakemont, GA. Everything arrived undamaged and in order. I will definitely enjoy your honey this year and hope to reorder some of your Wildflower or clover later. It was a pleasure talking to you when I spoke to you on the phone and I hope you are having a blessed day and may your beehives continue to produce alot of very good and healthy honey in the future. Thanks again, Sigmund 9-11-12

Hi Becky, We received our order today. I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful honeys. We like them ALL. It exceeded all my expectations. They are so tasty and fragrant , and wildflower honey has pieses of honey comb in it, that makes it so unique and special. Buckwheat honey look totally normal to me, I did not see that it started to crystallize. I easily purred some in a smaller jar. Buckwheat honey is wonderful, so rich color and aroma. In addition I can say that packaging is so well done, so thoughtful, and all says to me that you care about product and about us, customers. Thank you, thank you , thank you. May the health, joy, and happiness be with you, Lana 8-29-12

Hi Becky, Wanted you to know that the jars of honey, honey stix and labels for my daughter-in-law Ruth's baby shower arrived in good shape. Thanks for your help. Best, Gail U 8-19-12

Thank you so much! I received the lip balm today and they are really cute. I love that you can actually read Paradise on the ship if you try hard enough. They came out great! I appreciate your help and I know these will be a big hit! Nancy 8-10-12

July 25, 2012 Hi There, I just wanted to thank Becky and the team for getting my order to me so quickly. I ordered Thursday morning in CA and got my Priority Mail package on Saturday, in time for my Sunday event. I really appreciate everyone going the extra mile to make that happen. Thanks, Margie F.

Becky---People are going nuts about her lip balm!!! I gave your info to my girlfriend that designs invitations for weddings, etc., and told her to sell that idea to brides for their showers....we really love it and will order flavor is really amazing!!! Lisa 7-18-12

Hi Becky: The honey jars arrived today, packed perfectly. The jars are so cute and the labels turned out great. Thanks again! Pat A 7-11-12

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