Label Sizes:

We print all of our favor labels on a glossy label which looks very nice on the favors.

Label size for the 2 oz. (45mL) hex jar is 2.375" x 1.25"

Label size for the 2 oz. (45mL) round jar is 4" x 1"

Label size for the 4 oz. by weight muth jar is 1" x 2"

Label size for the 6 oz. (110mL) tall hex jar is 2.5" x 1.563"

Label size for 1 pound by weight containers is 2" circle

Jar Dimensions:

Why do jars hold more honey than the oz. size? Honey is denser than water and sold by weight not fluid oz. We've listed the sizes of the jars to give you an idea on how large they are to help you.

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