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5 Gallons Goldenrod Honey 60 pounds

Product Code:705
5 Gallons Goldenrod Honey 60 pounds
5 Gallons Goldenrod Honey 60 pounds
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Goldenrod Honey in a 5 gallon bucket - 60 pounds of honey.

This honey has been heated and filtered.

If you wish raw honey, click on the "raw honey" link.

Effective 12/29/19: Shipping price includes a fee of $25.00 for any box weighing over 50 lbs. - now charged by both FedEx and UPS.

Product Description

Goldenrod honey in a 5 gallon bucket which is 60 pounds of honey. Goldenrod honey has been described with a variety of color and taste descriptions. Our goldenrod honey is a light to medium honey in color and has a bit if a bite to it.

Our customers who buy this honey like it for their allergy issues since goldenrod honey is taken off very late in the season when goldenrod is primarily the only plant in bloom. Mead makers love it for making their batches of mead. This honey also granulates quickly.

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