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Soap Loafs

This page is for folks looking to buy a full slab or loaf of soap.  If you wish individual bars already cut - visit our soap bar page.

The loafs made with glycerin and honey are priced at $10.00 each for the bee themed loaf and $10.50 each for the heart themed loaf. Click on loafs to see sizes of loaf. Many folks like these for shower events as they can cut them into various sizes as a giveaway.

The loafs priced at $22.00 are a larger loaf and we cut them in 10 bars - you can cut into more bars depending what size you cut them to.  These loafs are priced based on how many you get. 
If you buy 5-10 of these loafs you save $1.50 per loaf - buy 10 or more loafs and save $2.50 per loaf.  You can mix and match the soap loafs for discount pricing.
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