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We sell these honey nut combos during the holiday season.

We've eaten nuts with honey for years on everything from desserts to salads. The different taste combinations created when you add different nuts to different honey varieties is crazy good! Have you ever tried doing so? We've created a number of different combinations and they all taste a bit different from each other.

If you enjoy a more traditional honey then you'll enjoy the clover honey and any of the nut combinations. Wildflower honey has a bit stronger taste than clover and adds more "body to the nut combinations. Now if you really like a robust honey taste like buckwheat honey, then try some of these nut-n-honey combinations.

So you get the great taste of our honey with the crunch of nuts - each nut variety gives it's own unique taste to each variety of honey. 

These go great on desserts, ice cream, pancakes, waffles, toast, bagels, cereal, sandwiches, you name it. If you know someone who loves honey and nuts, these make great gifts and taste fantastic! 

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