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Variety Pack - Pick 10 - 1000 Total Sticks

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Price: $150.00
Product Code: 341FS
Availability: In Stock FREE SHIPPING
Honey Stick Choices: Pick Your 10 Choices - they come in packs of 100. If you wish to mix and match, please read how to under product description.

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The honey straws are 6.5" long.

In this pack - get 10 different varieties of honey straws in packs of 100, so 1000 straws!

If you wish to mix and match
(i.e. get 300 clover, 100 orange blossom, 600 raspberry, etc). Simply add the item to your shopping cart. You can let us know by typing in the varieties and quantities in increments of 100, desired in the "comment" box which is located by the credit card info on the checkout page.

Honey Stix are 100% natural, Grade A honey, packed in straws. Natural extracts are added to offer different flavors. To open them, just bite or clip the heat seal at one end, and then just squeeze the honey into your mouth.

The varieties that come directly from the floral source are: Blackberry, Buckwheat, Clover, Orange Blossom, and Wildflower.

Honey straws are a great energy boost. Honey Stix can be used in coffee, tea, in a smoothie, on cereal, oatmeal, toast, muffins, rice, yogurt, pudding, ice cream or any time you need a bit of honey.

Click to read about our various honey sticks.

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