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6 lbs. Raw Buckwheat Honey

Product Code:650R
6 lbs. Raw Buckwheat Honey
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Raw Buckwheat Honey in a 6 pound container.

This is a half gallon of honey.

This is liquid raw buckwheat honey,

Product Description

Raw buckwheat honey in a 6 pound container. Raw honey has not been heated and simply filtered through a large mesh screen. The screen removes larger particles and allows pollen, propolis and beeswax particles to pass through it. Buckwheat honey is pungent in flavor with molasses and malty tones and a lingering aftertaste. Buckwheat honey is also very dark in color. 

As a general rule, darker honeys tend to be higher in antioxidant compounds than lighter ones. Because of this characteristic, darker honeys also tend to be higher in mineral content on average, as compared to lighter honeys.

The buckwheat plant is an excellent honey source, sometimes planted by beekeepers specifically for honey production. The blossoms are rich in nectar and blooming can continue into the fall.

This is raw honey, please read our honey description page to learn more.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Honey ?? Fanatic
Used to buy Dutch Gold Buckwheat Honey. Apparently they no longer make the 5LB containers. I eat Buckwheat Honey ?? on a daily Bases. My fiance WAS sick for 11 days. When I received my order of 4-6LB containers of Buckwheat honey ?? I had my fiance taking the buckwhat honey through out the day. After 2 1/2 days her cold was Gone. I see why in the past why I was never getting sick.
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 10/26/2018
5 Stars
Best Raw Honey
I have shopped all over for honey products. The raw honey's are fantastic, product size choices are good, delivery is fast.
Reviewed by:  from Illinois. on 9/11/2018
5 Stars
Delicious, period. Spread over bread, it's now my number one snack.
Reviewed by:  from Fairfax, Virginia. on 2/19/2018
5 Stars
Goes beautifully in a cup of Earl Grey tea. Very strong taste, and hard to get use to. I know the health benefits might help I wanted to try it. I do enjoy it in a cup of Earl Grey tea...those flavors blend together beautifully.
Reviewed by:  from Montana. on 2/19/2018
5 Stars
USMC Retired
This 6 Lbs Jug of Raw Buckwheat Honey is actually my second order, the first was the 2.5 Lbs Jug of the same Honey. This is without doubt, the best tasting Honey I believe I've ever had in my life. The containers that they come packaged & mailed in are sturdy, durable plastic with "easy pour" lids/spouts. The online ordering process is very easy, "user friendly" and sorry to repeat again, THE best Honey I've ever had. To close, I just want to add, come the 1st of January I'll be ordering another 6 Lbs of this fantastic Honey, and at the beginning of each month thereafter, I'll continue to do so regularly. Don't change a thing, you've got a great company, a superior product, and a huge number of customers exactly like me. Y'all definitely have in me, a customer for life. I give the Honey & this Company a 5 Star Rating with absolutely no hesitation at all. Thank You; -doug-
Reviewed by:  from Akron, Ohio. on 12/17/2017
5 Stars
Excellent honey. I have been buying it for years. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by:  from washington. on 6/14/2017
5 Stars
This winter we have been battling colds longer than usual. Over the counter "natural" cough medicines weren't working for my kids. So, after doing some research, I discovered that raw buckwheat honey has excellent health benefits, including helping a cough. Tastes great too!
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 2/28/2017

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