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Raw Clover Honey


Raw Clover Honey is Now Crystallized!

Raw Clover honey
has a pleasing, mild taste. Clovers contribute more to honey production in the United States than any other group of plants. The clover in our clover honey include white Dutch clover, white blossom clover, and yellow blossom clover. Clover honey has a sweet, flowery flavor and a pleasing mild taste.

Clover honey crystallizes quite quickly, typically within a month or two of being extracted.

All of our honey is 100% pure U.S. honey - there is no blending or alteration done to any of our honey!

Please check out our honey description page for information on our raw honey.
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6 oz. Jar Raw Clover Honey
Average Rating(5)
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Raw Clover - Pint and Half 36 oz.
Average Rating(4)
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5 lbs. Raw Clover Honey
Average Rating(32)
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1 Gallon Raw Clover Honey - 12 pounds
Average Rating(34)
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5 Gallon Bucket Raw Clover Honey - 60 pounds
Average Rating(5)
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6 oz. Variety Pack - 7 Raw Honey Varieties
Average Rating(48)
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6 oz. Variety Pack - 8 Raw Honey Varieties
Average Rating(40)
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Pint & Half Pack - 7 Raw Honeys
Average Rating(2)
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Pint & Half Pack - 7 Raw Honeys & Chunk
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Pint & Half Pack - 8 Raw Honeys
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Pint & Half Pack - 9 Raw Honeys
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