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Liquid Raw Clover Honey - Wide Mouth Container
Liquid Raw Clover Honey - Wide Mouth Container

1 Gallon Raw Clover Honey - 12 pounds

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Raw Clover honey is crystallized.

The 2 pictures above show raw clover honey - one in the liquid state and one in the crystallized state.

Raw clover honey in a 1 gallon container which is 12 pounds of honey. Raw honey has not been heated and simply filtered through a large mesh screen. The screen removes larger particles and allows pollen, propolis and beeswax particles to pass through it. Clover honey has a pleasing, mild taste.  

This years (2021) clover honey has a mint hint to the taste. We had a lot of rain in June and July so the clover bloom was delayed and overlapped when they basswood trees were blooming. Basswood (AKA Linden trees) produce a minty tasting honey. So this years clover honey has a slight mint taste to it.

Clovers contribute more to honey production in the United States than any other group of plants. The clover in our clover honey include white Dutch clover, white blossom clover, and yellow blossom clover. Clover honey has a sweet, flowery flavor and a pleasing mild taste.

This is raw honey, please read our
honey description page to learn more.

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