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1 Gallon (12 lbs.) Raw Star Thistle

Product Code:400R
1 Gallon (12 lbs.) Raw Star Thistle
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Raw Star Thistle is Crystallized.

Raw Star Thistle Honey in a 1 gallon container. (12 lbs.)

Product Description

Raw Star Thistle honey in a 1 gallon (12 lbs.) container. 

Raw honey has not been heated and simply filtered through a large mesh screen. The screen removes larger particles and allows pollen, propolis and beeswax particles to pass through it.

This honey is light gold in color and has a very mild and pleasing floral taste. May be the number 1 sought out honey in the U.S. (yes even more than clover). Takes a while to crystallize and makes a fantastic creamed honey. Comes from the Star Thistle plant which is actually a noxious weed. You've seen star thistle plants - comes in purple, yellow, and red varieties and bees absolutely love it!

Star Thistle Honey originated in the Mediterranean from the yellow star thistle plant and migrated to the US in the mid nineteenth century. Considered a noxious weed by many, this star thistle clustered amongst thorns produces yellow star thistle honey, which is relished by honey enthusiasts. Beekeepers in California, Idaho, Michigan, Arizona, Oregon and Washington seek out fields of this knapweed because of the large amounts of star thistle honey that can be produced from this plant. The light amber nectar of the plant is highly desirable by bees and honey producers.

Visit our Honey Description Page to learn more.

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Customer Reviews

1 Stars
We have ordered and received 1 Gallon Raw Star Thistle honey twice previously with satisfaction. However, recently we received our third order of 1 Gallon Raw Star Thistle honey that is a much thinner, brown color liquid with different taste. We are NOT happy about it.

eBeeHoney Response: Ian - unfortunately we did not have crystallized star thistle honey when you ordered. Please note we do state if the honey is liquid or crystallized and sometimes we have both. To speed the process of crystallization simply place the honey someplace cold like your refrigerator.

Reviewed by:  from Yonkers, NY 10710. on 4/26/2017
5 Stars
Star Thistle Honey
Ebeehoneys star thistle honey is one of my top favorite raw honey variety s available.I have never tried this variety before.Wow! This honey is so delicious .It has a very unique flavor,unlike any other honey that I have tried before.I highly recommend you try this honey variety.
Reviewed by:  from Pittsburgh PA. on 1/24/2017
5 Stars
we started with the 5 lb & now the 12 lb star thistle honey....that alone should be a pleasant review. we liove it. our neighbor enjoys it as well. shared with him last time & though he never asked for more he sure was delighted when I brought him another bottle of it. thank you for a bee-autifilly sweet & yummy product??????
Reviewed by:  from Painesville . on 10/1/2016
5 Stars
Art Director
Simply the best. Even thogh I came from an upstate NY farm and while I thought I had tried just about every honey known to man --I've never had Star Thistle honey until I tried eBee's. OMG! This stuff is like liquid heaven in a bottle! eBee, You just made another life long customer! Keep up the good work and Thank you. PS --Suggestion: always buy RAW honey!
Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles, CA. on 4/16/2016
5 Stars
Silvia G
This is a great value and it taste great.
Reviewed by:  from New york. on 2/14/2016
5 Stars
Everything is great: product quality and service quality
Reviewed by:  from Harrisburg, PA. on 8/24/2015
5 Stars
We have bought the sample packs in the past and we chose from that which flavor we liked more. Star thistle is our favorite. However it would be nice to select a size in between the samples and this gallon. Maybe a 500ml 6 pack that you can mix up or customers select from your inventory. Cause we also like wild flower, and orange blossom and a couple others. The samples are a great way to get a taste but when you're ready to commit, you'd better be ready to commit because a gallon is a whole lot of honey. Great product, fast delivery. The only complaint is packaging. I would like to never see foam peanuts ever again in my life time. Thanks for sharing you're wonderful honey. The Biedrzycki's Nick Julie Casimir Zosia
Reviewed by:  from Maryland . on 1/4/2015
5 Stars
Mask-Maker to the Human & Fairy Realms.
Raw Star thistle-I have ordered gallons of this beautiful raw honey twice now, & it has become another of my favorites! The flavor is not overpowering but rich, deep, & layered. I LOVE this honey! I like to order as many flavors of raw honey as I can, each year, and have a "honey tasting" get-together with friends. -That is one way to really compare honeys, to taste one at a time, to get the special qualities of each precious type of this "nectar of the Gods"! Thank-you, eBee, for offering these special magical foods from the bees, to us.
Reviewed by:  from K.C., MO., USA. on 12/9/2013
5 Stars
Home Brewer
This honey was phenomenal in both taste and aroma. I bought another gallon just one week after buying the first one!
Reviewed by:  from Kansas. on 7/23/2013
5 Stars
Home maker
We ordered this Starthistle honey to use brewing some Honey Mead. It's still brewing but we're looking forward to tasting the finished product!!!
Reviewed by:  from Inverness Florida. on 3/22/2013

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