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2.5 lbs. Raw Tupelo Honey

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Raw Tupelo honey in a 2.5 pound container.  Our raw honey has not been heated or filtered. 

Tupelo honey is produced in the panhandle of Fl along the rivers and creeks. Tupelo trees have clusters of greenish flowers, which later develop into soft, berrylike fruits. In southern Georgia and northwestern Florida, tupelo is a leading honey plant, producing tons of white or extra light amber honey in April and May.

Tupelo honey is a lighter tasting honey with a mild, pleasant flavor. It is also called Swamp Gum or Tupelo Gum. The Tupelo tree has been designated as being on the “Ark of Taste,” those plants and animals that are endangered and that must be protected.

All of our honey is 100% pure U.S. honey - there is no blending or alteration done to any of our honey!

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